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Here are 4 different ideas for trellising your plants. These ideas are easy and cheap to do! Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts25 SIMPLE DIY PALLET DESIGN IDEAS FOR GARDEN – NICE & EASYQ&A: Will Remesh Trellises Scorch Plants? Will Rust Harm the Soil? & MoreGrowing Cucumbers: Trellises, Preparing the Planting Bed & Using Transplants – TRG 2016HOW TO GROW SQUASH, CUCUMBER AND CANTALOUPE ON TRELLISESGrow Large Winter Squash Vertically on Trellises! (Butternut, Acorn, Cushaw)2 Min. Tip: How We Train Crops Up Trellises (Vertical Gardening)

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  • Bharat Mallapur 4 months ago

    Loved the fact that this was useful and so well edited to just under 3 minutes! Thanks!

  • M. F. Richardson 4 months ago

    Great Ideas. Thank you

  • BINH NGUYEN 4 months ago


  • bb bbb 4 months ago

    How tall is the A frame trellis?

  • Bad Vibes NoSleep 4 months ago

    Awesome trellises, we def will use these ideas in our garden

  • Vadym Shatov 4 months ago

    I made it with woodprix handbooks !

  • Jayanthi Vittal 4 months ago

    Thanks for very useful information.

  • Donna Balzer: Helping Gardener's Grow 4 months ago

    Good tips all! Thanks for sharing. I love the pvc pipe idea and am using that to make a bridge between two pots for squash

  • Ieneke van Houten 4 months ago

    I could use a more detailed instruction on the PVC trellis, ideally a how to article with instructions that stand still. The idea looks great. I made a trellis with PVC fitting over rebar but it is wobbly. The V setup looks much more stable. I am tired of trying to replay the video, having to rewatch the bits that don't interest me, and just when I get to the shot I want it is past. I shall persist till I get it. :).

  • Fida Aifiya 4 months ago

    you've just inspired me to make a no-cost camera tripod :v

  • maxdecphoenix 4 months ago

    This is why I love YT. Man, I would have never, NEVER, thought of using the wider bore PVC fittings to make the thing collapsible.

  • K Muldoon 4 months ago

    That was fantastic and short! Really useful video

  • zanmirrob 4 months ago

    Good stuff! Concise and to the point!