There are many reasons to grow a garden. This video gives you 4 benefits of starting a garden that help your health and well-being- and give you the delicious fresh veggies, herbs, berries, and fruits. Whether you are starting your first garden or looking to get more motivation to garden with your kids or grandkids, this is the video for you.

Free 30 minute gardening class to get you started successfully!
While many families are stuck in quarantine, gardening is a great activity to do while you are stuck at home that will help you feel good. Gardening is great for your mood for many reasons.
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4 health benefits of gardening- growing a garden is good for well-being

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  • Jessica Cunningham

    Teach me every thing you know! I kill all plants. Any tips for starting a garden from an apartment?!

  • Prenatal Yini

    Amazing benefits related to gardening. Organic and fresh all the way! These tips can be integrated in so many ways and levels (family, community, health..)Thank you for making this video.

  • Megan Grant

    Omg… my BF and I have been talking about building a garden in the backyard. His parents grow peaches, swiss chard, tomatoes… It's hard in Vegas just because it gets SO hot but it's definitely doable!!

  • Tono Latino

    One of my daughter's school assignments in this quarantine was to plant some of her food scraps! We have green onions and growing garlic and peppers 🙂
    Funny story – the day she was born, my husband asked the pediatrician if growing up with a cat would be bad for her but the Dr. said the same thing you did!

  • Geoffrey Setiawan

    Started my garden 3 months ago, and just spending my mornings tending to it and watching it grow overtime is so calming, grounding and satisfying.

  • Darcy McVicar Art

    Great Video – I have a compact garden – would love to see some tips at your convenience! I met you through Sunny and you def have a new subscriber!

  • Elizabeth Sampson

    I have always had a garden! I love the fact that everyone is doing it! I agree my kids never got sick growing up on our Equestrian farm.

  • Jeanne Agius

    I am definitely all about immunity these days. We're going to be gardening all weekend so this video is perfect timing.

  • Jill Schmidt Psychic Medium

    I have been telling myself for years that I am going to grow a garden. Time to stop procrastinating and just do it! Thanks for sharing!

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