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Make healthy changes to your life, listen to the truths these doctors are speaking! Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts4 Doctors Speak About Juice Plus Benefits Visit For Info On Juice Plus‘Juice Plus Diets’ – The truth about this newest crazeJuice Plus Scam? Someone Should Have Told You This?Juice Plus Day 4!!!HEALTHY LIVING/ JUICE PLUS SUPERCHATJuice plus weightloss

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  • Sanura Moon 1 year ago

    Juice Plus is by far the best product I have ever taken in my life! Been on it for years now and I will stay on it forever! I can't see my life without it, and I for sure will never go back to feeling how I was feeling everyday when I didn't have it in my life. Thank you JP, extremely happy!! <3 ~ Sanura Moon Healthy Entrepreneur

  • Aisha Aslam 1 year ago

    If it is such a breakthrough why isn't it available on the NHS?

  • kdlofty 1 year ago

    Psychosomatic crap.

  • satizfaction 1 year ago

    I take Juice Plus since 5 years but I still suffer from chronic inflammations. It's not a magic pill at all.

  • Denise Thomson 1 year ago

    Listen to these Doctors talking about health. They are 100% correct.

  • drilltowera 1 year ago

    If this product is so good, why is it not available in stores?

  • HighClassNet 1 year ago

    I love this stuff!

  • Esther Navarro 1 year ago

    Could you translate this video or subtitulate?Please.

  • Jim Hill 1 year ago

    Hello Everyone – a friend has just introduced me to Juice Plus and actually gave me a month's supply. I've taken them for 2 days now and though i don't necessarily feel anything happening yet, i'm encouraged that i'll be able to stop taking prescription meds for fibromyalgia. My question to all of you is: Do you take other supplements/vitamins/minerals in addition to Juice Plus? Thanks to All – Have enjoyed reading your individual comments.Best Regards,Jim

  • YakkateeYak 1 year ago

    I took this years ago & they were chewable.
    Do they still come in a chewable form for I cannot swallow big capsules?
    Thank you for your time! 

  • Rahul Lohgaonkar 1 year ago

    Can we get juice plus to sell in india please mail us the indian costings of juice plus on

  • TouchTheSky333 1 year ago

    Can anyone sell me some!?

  • Graziana Barsocchi 1 year ago

    I've been taking JP+ for 13 years, and I always will. Amazing food!

  • Sheila Stewart 1 year ago

    I started using Juice Plus and on my 3rd month and I won't ever take anything ever again, except for this.  I feel GREAT, no more headaches, no sweet cravings, eating and sleeping better and NOT one stomach issue.  I am a believer in this product and will continue to take it as long as I live.  <3

  • Alison Hamlin-Hughes 1 year ago

    Good health is not just good luck or good genes. There is science behind good health!

  • Kayleigh 1 year ago

    I actually just thought this was just another scam but after looking it up my opinions had changed. I've been taking these every-day for about a month and a half and omg, I feel so much better in myself. Amazing.