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This Garden Tower has reached maturity! Plants were planted as small start on 3-12-16! Planted with chard, lettuces, broccoli, kale, marigolds, basil, hot peppers, and more. Grown under low cost LED lights and an east facing window indoors in an office. Kale and chard are massive and near maturity, broccoli just started to created heads in the last few days, peppers are in bloom but hardly visible due to the massive kale and chard vegetation. We were not sure the marigolds were bloom indoors when we started these guys from seed, but they’re putting on a nice show! See earlier videos of this tower on our facebook page here: Video Rating: / 5 Review of How to set up garden tower part 1. Review of the Garden Tower part 2. Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningIndoor gardening for everyone – the Sunny Garden at our officeTower Garden Juice Plus 6 weeksVegetables grown in potsGrowing The Tower Garden Indoors Weeks 4-5 (video #4)House Plant Indoor Wall Hanging S | Picture Set Of House Office Or Garden Decor Plants Romance

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  • Jane Pinter 4 years ago

    I have had semi success with mine as an indoor garden. I keep calling it an experiment but after seeing yours, I think I better have more faith. I'm worried about the weight on my floor and water spillage. Also I need more lights I only have one on the other side on the window. I found I needed to get the light in close in the first growth period of seeds or the plants would get too spindly. Have you had that problem? Congratulations to you. Beautiful garden!

  • Beth North 4 years ago

    wow amazing. Who is moving it? it moves by itself? Can you show us the room? I woud love to see how much sun light it is getting. Thanks

  • Beautiful World 4 years ago

    It cud be too much of lichette but I think the base of the plants did not get enough air and sun light. Usually the plants do not grow well in plastic pots with narrow mouth. I have tried growing several plants in several shaped pots and my experience tells me that plastic pot is not favourable with plants eps with narrow mouth where the base of the plant do not receive air or sun.
    Your plants had enough nutrition even if you had p u t too much lic hette then it w ud have resulted in too much foliage and very little fruit but the problem here is that you r plants did not survive most probably they did not get enough room to grow.

  • phock ohf 4 years ago

    Did that pop up for a garden tower for way over $300 dare show its face? holy crap! dude what a waste of money , considering the zero results, you coulda done better growing on the window sill in a coffee mug. Thanks for the warning tho!

  • sabastian71113 4 years ago

    looks like you used mythical grow or soil with stuff in it that burned up your crop or your just not watering it enough the water drain needs to be on the side just under the last line of plant holes and then put the drain hole because you want your water to soak in you dont want it all dry so unless you pore that water back in it 100 times a day its not gonna be what you want it to be

  • JW Pookie 4 years ago

    I wonder if it was too much nitrogen from the compost tea. Just a guess, I really don't know. But thanks for the video, I was going to try this with strawberries in a 20 gallon barrel. You saved me precious time and work.

  • Marquee Fendley 4 years ago

    First, you put the wrong plants in there , squash and heavy vegetables need horizontal gardens not vertical , try stuff like , herbs on the top, potatoes along the side's near the bottom and peppers from the out side top to the bottom, get calcium pills and place in collected water this will bring down your PH level, and use red wriggler worms as they like to explore more and eat more, try also you can't do the compost thing as it creates heat and your burning your plant root, make pvc pipe go threw your dirt from the top to the bottom drill small holes in it to allow air to cool off your soil , keep going your on the right track

  • galen gallardo 4 years ago

    is there fluoride in the water?

  • Larry Seminoff 4 years ago

    looks bad it could be lack of proper nutrients, or too hot of fertilizer, lack of water, plant transplant shock. it is not encouraging.

  • Himanshu Sharma 4 years ago

    do not put liquids back in wait for 2 weeks, then put only quarter of it, the barrels paint them black, if u can't c round small dumplings in like grapes Patten in top of soil no worms left plz look into that

  • Dem struct 4 years ago

    lack of nutrients not enough sun and you killed the worms. look up compost and worm farm, use the correct potting mix with added nutrients

  • cool guy 4 years ago

    ooo, nevermind

  • byronsito504 4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing

  • soypedrowagner 4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing !!. Didn´t work as you wish, but you gave us a great opportunity to learn about your experience.

  • Janette Salce 4 years ago

    try the Tower Garden by Juice Plus…

  • Geri Lehner 4 years ago

    My first thought is the that the worms are eating your plants. They don't differentiate between compost and living plants.

  • Jez Jezabell 4 years ago

    While it sounds lovely to want to grow an edible garden, but edible plants are very fussy.  I think it would work out better if hardy flowers/plants are grown instead.

  • Henere Larsen 4 years ago

    Maybe the compost you are using isnt nitrogen stable yet so the soil is pulling nutrients out of the plants. Maybe try add some high nitrogen fertilizer

  • Alex G 4 years ago

    Thanks for the update. Cool project, real shame it didn't work out!

  • Elwood lightfoot 4 years ago

    I'd use Red Wrigglers instead of Night Crawlers for Vermicomposting, more tolerant of the heat and disturbing the soil won't prevent eggs from hatching, They are easy to find online I bought my starter worms from ebay (you only need to buy them once they reproduce very well) Buying them by weight not by the dozen or hundred will save you some money. You might also get a PH test kit and test your runoff water it should give you a good idea what your soil levels are and adjust or grow only plants in each system that like a range that you can plant together, the worms and what you add for them to eat should eventually balance out the PH and nutrients but raising worms in a closed environment will end up with all castings and no decomposing organic material to grow what worms eat as they don't actually eat the stuff you put in for them but the molds, fungi, and bacteria that are produced. There also should be a grit or sand component so they can grind or process their food. I haven't tried this system although I have raised worms in containers for years, I just use the castings to amend the soil. I do like this idea and think it would be a fun DIY project.

  • Chris Gisclair 4 years ago

    The tea you are using is too strong and you are burning the plants. It is too strong just use tap water and try this see if it works.