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going to the japanexpo from 8 to over 624 people in my miplaza in 4 days .Many puzzel panels completed Games streetpass quest finished 2x . Unlocked streetpass quest 2 (finished 1x ) completed many puzzle panels StreetPass Squad completed the game .Only need to finish arcade mode .And archieve evertything in stages for all eplaza tickets streetpass garden have grow 50 breeds only need to go 80 .Basicly finish the game when hit 30 breeds(ending master gardener) .have all garden expension.Only need to complete all jobs and maybe some other things for all plaza ticket StreePass Battle have a army over 500000 .Only one country to conquer for finishing the game .En some plaza ticket stuff to do streetpass masion completed 30 floors + ending .Its look like there is 50 floors .Also some eplaza stuff this all happend within 4 days now wait until gamescom for streetpass hits to finish off the rest My sister is the most amazing person I know. We call her, Super Deb! She can do anything she puts her mind to. She is a mom, grandma, Graphic Artist and Master Gardener. Friends and family have enjoyed Deb (and Dave’s) unique and beautiful, peaceful, backyard retreat. for BBQ’s, reunions, birthdays, water fights and “patio time.” We visited her last May and I did this short video to preserve this memory and to share with others. Enjoy! This video was brought to you by Silly Sherri Productions. Check out lots more great stories about living with debilitating illness, counting my blessings, awareness and lots of humor through articles, blogs, audio and videos on my website at: See you there! ABOUT SHERRI: Sherri has always been an extremely active person. She used to cheer-lead, sing and dance in musicals, act in commercials, work multiple jobs […]

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