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Different sized hanging wall pots for various sized plants. Easily removable and all sizes fit onto the same cleats Video Rating: / 5 Just a quick video of me making some simple terracotta wall hanging plant pots on the wheel. Terracotta is really easy to throw and you can throw ir really soft. It’s ideal to use if you’re a beginner because it is very forgiving. Anyway these are left to dry overnight and just flattened on a table and a hole punched out so they can be hung on a wall. Related PostsLiving Wall Planter OUTDOOR USE ONLY Color Peacock Blue Vertical Garden ModularTournesol VGM Modular Living Wall SystemWoolly Pocket – Drip irrigating the Wally modular living wall systemGreen Wall Modular System UKWall planterIkea’s New Hydroponic Kit & 3D Printed Planters

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  • scoobydog411 1 year ago

    Does your work sell better now that your online?

  • Ingleton Pottery 1 year ago

    @TheDraindeimo We set the temp to the lowest setting,just enough to get it to around I would think 100C and then turn it off,and open the door a bit to let the moisture out but keep the heat in.
    3-4 hrs after stuff should be dry enough.
    But mainly we let our pots dry out for at least a week to 10 days before we do all this.

  • TheDraindeimo 1 year ago

    @youdanxxx My walls are actually very thin, and even thats one thing i pride my self on, and i actually asked around and it turns out its the moisture, i just have one question. around what temperature do you set your kiln to get the moisture out?

  • Ingleton Pottery 1 year ago

    @TheDraindeimo Hi,I think the main reasons for things blowing up in the kiln are the walls or base being a bit too thick but they'd have to be really thick to explode.
    Air bubbles in the clay,but it seems that the most likely thing is that the clay isn't completely dry before you fire it as you say the bottom seems to be affected and this will be the last part to dry.
    We turn the kiln on low for a while with the door or vent slightly open to get all the moisture out of the pots before firing.

  • TheDraindeimo 1 year ago

    i desperately need your help, its been a few months since i was throwing, now that i started again and have my own kick wheel, every single time i throw a pot, the bottom or on the side near the bottom seems to blow up, my walls are uniform and even, its just that they dont survive the firing. any tips you could give me would be greatly appreciated

  • Ingleton Pottery 1 year ago

    @tokyorosa Hi,we fire these once but to a really high temperature so they are almost vitrified and aren't pourous like some of the cheap imported Spanish pots are,so they'll withstand really low temperatures during winter.
    We've had some outside the shop with soil in for the last 10 years with temperatures down to -15 C and they're still OK.

  • tokyorosa 1 year ago

    Do you once or twice fire these pots? And how do you store them over winter? Are you worried about freeze/thaw cracks occurring?

    Thanks for your vids, Dan!

  • perfectdeb9729 1 year ago

    i've just started pottery again after 30 years, your videos are a really good refresher course 🙂

  • meta1gear4 1 year ago

    this time, the pot really looks like chocolate….dammit! i'm hungry now!