This is the second video of a weekly video series tracking the progress of my hydroponic garden. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

Total Modules: 20
Plant Count: 25
Slots available: 76

Instagram: @archipelagourbanfarmsagram: @archipelagourbanfarms

3d Printed Hydroponic Garden Progress – Part 2

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  • kamillo111

    Hi Alex i just printed your tower. I made some adiustment so now I'm able to use it with 15cm diameter pot. I'm still gathering info before my first grow, and now I'm courious about watering plants, how often do it at day for how long? Do i need to run it at night? Could you elaborate how it looks like from your experience? Great work and cool idea thanks Alex! Looks like it could be my new hobby 🙂

  • Rooftop Garden - សួនដំណាំលើដំបូលផ្ទះ

    Awesome system, I've also printed the same module, too. Currently, fighting with the location to put it where sunlight is adequate.

    I have found that my container lid is not strong enough to hold the modules in place, so I need to string them to the pole.

    I have put the pipe inside to prevent heat as well as algae grow as I'm using clear pipe. In addition, it looks much cleaner with the pipe inside.

    Will look forward to your progress. I'm debating whether using PLA is durable enough to sustain the the moist and hot environment.

    P.S: Just noted that you created these awesome modules.

  • Phil R

    Excellent stuff. I've just finished 3D printing hydroponics components for my polytunnel. It uses my existing gutter-based hydroponics system, and I just needed to plumb-in the tanks and pumps etc. We are moving to a new house soon and will be building a large greenhouse. Then I'll be downloading these prints from Thingiverse and creating some of these you've done here.

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