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This video shows you three ways to vertically grow cucumbers. It will save you space, cut back on disease and increase the production of the plants. Tomato cages, a chicken wire trellis,a standard fence and even an apple tree are great ways to grow your cucumber vertically. New to Gardening? Check out my 2nd Gardening YouTube Channel dedicated to New Gardeners. The videos are longer and more detailed. Each video presents as if you are new to gardening. Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts3 Easy Ways to Save Space Using Vertical GardeningTrellising Options for Cucumbers, Beans, Zucchini, Squash & Melons: Grow Vertically & Save Space!Training Squash & Cucumbers On Trellis Small Space Grow VerticalGrow a Vertical Vegetable Garden in a Small Space with Hog Wire FencingLiving walls save space in minimalist Barcelona apartmentPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living Walls

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  • Ramza Wu 1 year ago

    What's the purpose of leaving the cucumbers in pots

  • Pine Meadows Hobby Farm A Modern Homestead 1 year ago

    This is a good idea.
    Jerry of Pine Meadows Hobby Farm.

  • Jessica Nazario 1 year ago

    Great ideas!

  • DAVID Z 1 year ago

    Good Stuff !

  • stuart sullenbarger 1 year ago

    Great idea for my peas and cucumbers,I only have a 12×12 size garden,and in the past my cucumbers would take over the entire garden with only 2 plants….soo now I can plant in containers vertical with plenty of room for my tomatoes….thx for sharing.

  • naomi chambers 1 year ago

    I had an idea to grow sweet peas up my apple trees.

  • Winter Rose 1 year ago

    I spent most of your video clicking off the added notations so I could actually see the video. :(

  • Kaytee Nichols 1 year ago

    Ty 4 sharing. We are often useing octopots but I like the idea of bottomless buckets. That way it's easy to get a good heathy ant started b 4 it hits the yard which could just be top soil. I made the mistake of not iaei g a trellis for my crooked neck squash and it took o er too much space, covering my peppers. I am def. Useing a trellis….or my apple tree. :)

  • missjayhawks 1 year ago

    Thank you so much Gary for your videos. I'm new to this and learning so much. I was wondering if you could tell me if it's too late for me to use a tomato trellis on my cucumbers if they've already "vined" out pretty well. I heard that their roots are very sensitive. This is my first time growing a garden and was NOT aware of their sprawling capabilities. Thanks again.

  • Growing with Joe 1 year ago

    Great garden, especially the vertical cucumbers. How many days do the Armenian Cucumbers usually take to produce fruit? Im growing six different varieties of cucumbers, and all except the Armenians are producing cucumbers…

  • Randy's Video Creations 1 year ago

    Good job they look healthy !!!

  • Chelsea Bridges 1 year ago

    Love your garden! I mistakenly planted a bush variety cucumber plant in a planter without a trellis, thinking it wouldn't need one. Now the vines are on the ground and I'm worried the cucumbers will get eaten! Can I add a trellis after the plant is quite mature?

  • American Dreamin 1 year ago

    I definitely want to try this next year. Thanks for the good advice.
    We just started our garden and making videos!!!!!

  • whatdidyousay13 1 year ago

    Very nice vid. I'd love to control your squirrel problem hehe had the same problem, except they loved my berries, especially my fav's raspberries. Buy a pellet gun and be patient. kill count now over 7

  • Michael Willis 1 year ago

    Thanks! I thought about growing them on a fence and let them hang down. I like this tons better.

  • Elizabeth Long 1 year ago

    Just planted my first cucumber plants ever.  Trying the Miracle gro pods, now I need to build a trellis.  Wish me luck!

  • Trish Mastriano 1 year ago

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Can you tell me why you planted the first cucumber in half buried pots? Why not just in the ground? Thank you!

  • Trent Bradberry 1 year ago

    Hello! Nice place. If I plant cucumbers in tomato cages in front of my tomato plants, will it block too much sun from getting to my tomato plants? My garden spot is small. Thanks! Again nice place you built.
    Text me if you want. 205-745-1591.

  • Max Canham 1 year ago

    Beautiful garden

  • Zeeshan Syed 1 year ago

    Beautiful garden man! Looks awesome. Very nice video!!