3 Secrets How To Clone Plants w An Aeroponic Cloner

3 Secret How To Clone Plants w An Aeroponic Cloner are going to circle around temperature, Clean Water, and the Light cycle for clones.

Aeroponic cloner are one of the easiest ways to get clones if you understand what are the most important thinks to control so your plants have the best chance at producing roots.

How to clone plants in a Aeroponic cloner is as easy as the 3 step I talk about in the video.

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3 Secrets How To Clone Plants w An Aeroponic Cloner

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  • Rey Ortiz

    Used drops of balance in my cloner and I got 100% success with just drops of balance! First time I tried it with very well known plants that don’t work well in my cloner and I got 100% success! Drops of balance is definitely a awesome

  • ASS OG

    After reading everybody's comments and this guy's response.
    I must jump in here.
    Some of the information this guy is saying is true.

    I've been cloning with aero for about 10 years now.
    I purchased my first aero cloner. And then built 4 other one's at a fraction of the cost of the one I purchased.

    I will explain my setup.

    I use t12 florescent lights over my cloners. Because they don't put off that much heat.
    I buy the smallest pound pump you can buy. It shoots out plenty of water.
    And puts out hardly any heat at all.
    I have a/c in my mother and clone room, so I don't have to worry about room temperature.
    I use plain tap water NOTHING else.
    I found that when I used a gel it would turn my stems brown and they wouldn't root.
    DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT use a humidity dome.
    There is NO need to when cloning with aero.
    I run my pumps constantly.
    No on or off times.
    There is NO need for on or off times when cloning with aero.
    You only need on and off times when you are growing with aero.
    Which I have been doing for the last 10 years.
    And this is the only way I grow. With aeroponics in the SOG.
    I have a 100 percent success rate, and I have for the last 9 years.
    I start getting roots in 5 days, and in 10 days they ALL have roots.
    Now due to the way I grow.
    I let the roots grow for a total of 17 days.
    Then they get moved to one of the 4 aero systems I built.
    And they go straight into 12/12. No veg time.
    I'm on a 2 week rotation.
    So this means I harvest one system ( 42 plants ) every 2 weeks.
    So in turn this means I have to have 42 clones ready every 2 weeks. To keep the 2 week rotation going.
    I keep all 5 of my aero cloners running all the time.
    Because I sell hundreds of clones a month.

    So basically the best tips I can give you is ALWAYS keep your pumps running.
    And AWAYS keep your water or solution below 70.

    This is so easy.
    It isn't brain surgery.

    Oh and one more thing.
    Remember this guy is just trying to make a sale.

    Sorry dude, but that's the truth.

    Good luck everybody.
    ASS OG
    AeroSystemsSea OfGreen.

  • Christopher Gilbert

    I have more success with just putting cuttings in a glass of water in a window sill. I tried the cloner and almost all the plants molded at the stem base. Maybe I will try it again with no humidity dome and see if that works?

  • Richard Mac

    Have you ever considered or read up on the research on lighting schedule that have shorter days and nights, so you can have three 6 hour days split up by 2 hour nights (to basically simulate a much shorter day) the theory being that these plants don't need a 6 hour night, but a two hour one can be more useful, especially if following a day cycle, some stuff I have read claims that it creates a 'more efficient' day/night cycle (obviously the original paper that I read was much more scientific than the explanation that I'm giving and I don't remember all the minute details)

  • Justice4 All

    Ok so water temp 55-65 degrees. Do I use tap water or do u use bottled? Distilled? I’m in a 4×4 grow tent in a spare bedroom with AC/heat. I can control my environment in the room. I’m in California approaching summer. Should I use clonex solution in the water and dip cuts in clonex gel? Is it a must to use peroxide or just the drops of balance solution? Where do I buy this product.

  • npetroco

    Hi mate! Im from argentina. Im getting botrytis in All My cuts. ALL. No ones survive. I use RO water (ósmosis+uv sterilizer). I see algae on the third day and botrytis above the plugs.
    I've been trying for a long time, I'm desperate. I use osmosis water (ec 0.1) and ph 5.8-6.0. I use sterilized blades and clonex for the cuts.

    After watching this video, in my next batch, I'm going to take the water temperature. I have also noticed a lot of temperature in the dome. My main question is: I can't get dropsofbalance here. Can you tell me how many ml of peroxide should I use per liter? please. I already say my water, I think it's fine …

  • Terp Diggler

    I've been running my cloner for a week now and have had any root growth. The cuttings are starting to slightly brown at the cut point. My water is at 61 to 63 degrees. I have a timer running 15 on 15 off. I used RO water, clonex gel and the clonex solution in the water. should I add hydrogen peroxide, start over or just keep pace and hope for the best?

  • Michael Couey

    Thanks for the information! Though I gotta be honest…the talking head didn't match up to the audio. I had to focus hard on the audio and background video instead lol

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