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I’ve been now using the (modified) Edentro Deep water hydroponic system for almost 3 months now. I replace the 30 gallon reservoir every 2-3 weeks with 7 tsp of Maxigro nutrients (1/4 tsp per gallon) and a few ml of food-grade H202 (5%). Every other day I check ph and adjust with either phosphoric acid or potassium hydroxide to get 6.0 Once a week I add a couple gallons of water to the reservoir and additional 7 tsp of nutrients. The vegetables are growing by leaps and bounds and the hot peppers are flowering! Related PostsHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesHow to set up an Ebb and Flow / Flood and Drain Hydroponics Growing System – PART 1 of 6Cassy smith juiceplus ceceproject weightloss 7 stone 7 months testimonal my story diet shakesMy first 3 months on Juice Plus and my MSGrowing Indoors Part 7 HydroponicsAquaponics Rocks ( Growing Medium ) Wash Install Plant – $40 Aquaponics – Barrelponics Made Easy

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  • Meir Lazar 1 year ago

    I was using Maxi Gro for the nutrients and hydroton for the media.

  • Brigham Zitting 1 year ago

    Nice set up!! What do you use to fertilize and what's your growing medium?

  • Meir Lazar 1 year ago

    @wabbywab That's great! Please post videos of what you are doing so we can all learn from your accomplishments. For peppers and tomatoes, it's good you didn't go the route I did, since it is only good for crops that aren't going to clog the tubes (short crops, like lettuces, herbs,etc). Are you growing outside or under lights?

  • wabbywab wap 1 year ago

    @lionsroar19 Well, did not go the route you went. After diddling around for several months and spending money here and there, I ended up with DWC system. 6 five gallon buckets , large aquarium air compressor,airstones, airlines, Lid cover with holes for pots and am growing tomatoes etc. at an unbelieveable rate of growth. From seedling to tomatoes on the vine in 2 1/2 weeks. Will see how it goes the rest of the summer.

  • Meir Lazar 1 year ago

    Drain pipe has thinner walls so it is easier to drill through, plus you don't need the thickness of the regular pvc since there is no pressure. Cost is another factor. As you might guess drain is cheaper.

  • cscholl2223 1 year ago

    Why drain vs pvc pipe?Good video

  • Meir Lazar 1 year ago

    @Dizzlehog I'm not sure what types of peppers, I know they are hot so probably a type of jalapeño. You should make sure to shake the plant gently to help fertilization, or you can use fans. Also check the type of nutrients you are using, you probably want to go with a fruiting nute such as Maxibloom

  • Meir Lazar 1 year ago

    @wabbywab So how did it go with your unit? Please post videos, we (everyone) would love to see how it id going. Please elt us know what types of lights you are using as well. Thanks!

  • DSubsBjj Daniel Subia 1 year ago

    What kind of pepper plant and did you leave it in hydo during the friuting stage? I have a aerogarden growing some bhut jolokia's but having some troubles, They started out really nice but then when it flowered they just fell off?

  • Corey Booth 1 year ago

    nice work with this! im doing a smaller set up that is much like this.. except Im going to add more oxygen with an air pump, pumping air in the pvc pipe. for germination, i use clear plastic starter domes or old clear plastic egg cartons and it seems to work really well. also, using hydroton pellets are good for stabilizing your plants trunk within the net, and they hold in moisture as well.. very cool set up you have!

  • Meir Lazar 1 year ago

    Thanks for the compliment, if you need any pointers on how to build it or some resources, I can try my best to help. Just remember 4" PVC DRAIN pipe not regular pvc…make sure it is DRAIN (there is a difference).

  • wabbywab wap 1 year ago

    I've been all over the internet for the past 3dayss Looking for someone who can show me how to build a hydroponic system that will work right out of the box. I'm not buying a commercial unit. Came across your videos. I'm impressed. Will build one like your first attempt. Two tubes 26 holes each one. Will grow tomatoes and cucumbers Thanks, will let you know what happens.