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Get some juicy DIY tips for watering succulents and succulent terrariums from Bao Vo at This video shows you some simple ways to recycle and upcycle inexpensive, common materials like wine bottles to make useful succulent watering tools. These green gardening hacks include turning a basic water bottle into a more precise watering can that helps avoid water spots, an enhanced wine bottle that controls the flow of water and allows you to aim where water is poured, and lastly a different use for an inexpensive pesticide sprayer available at most hardware stores. Check for a variety of succulents, cacti, and air plants and the best designed DIY terrarium kits. Please subscribe to our channel for more tips and instructions. Don’t forget to share this video with your succulent loving friends! Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts10 Smart Watering Tips for Your Vegetable Garden3 COZY & EASY FALL DIYS: Succulent Terrariums, Gallery Wall, Twinkling TwigsHow To Make A Living Picture Frame With SucculentsDIY Succulents Crafts Ideas – Amazing Succulent Planting ProjectsHow to make Succulent Globes / TerrariumsWall planters for terrariums

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  • mekachiri momo 11 months ago

    ithough this is diy..your crazybitch using that expensive watering tools.this is not recycle…

  • JakeO Barney 11 months ago

    Are you Vietnamese??

  • goth sloth 11 months ago

    i thought getting the actual plant wet can harm it? one of my plants died like that

  • Amber San 11 months ago

    How many times a week do I water the plants?

  • sandra hernandez 11 months ago

    every how much do i water it

  • Janine Johnson 11 months ago

    If you go to their website and read about how they started the company,they say they had no experience with succulents but because of the popularity of succulents they came up with the juicy leaf kit. Hopefully as they grow the company they will take some time to get more informed about the products they are selling

  • Janine Johnson 11 months ago

    No it is Not ok to water on leaves of succulent plants. The water drops on the leaves will create a burned spot because the sun reacts to the drops of water like an intense reflection from a magnifying glass since succulents aren't capable of absorbing the water that rest on their petals and therefore to burn.

  • Terry Dee 11 months ago

    yeah it would be helpful if you made one, and what happens when the cactus grows, how do you trim it?

  • JULIE ZHU 11 months ago

    so its okay to water over the leaves?

  • Laura Antonio Perez 11 months ago

    Can you please make a cacti terrarium 🙂 thanks