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3 Boys Farm, owned and operated by Robert Tornello and located in Ruskin, on the west coast of sunny Florida, USA, is an amazing farm that combines the best of modern technology and time-tested methods to grow vegetables locally and sustainably. Using alternative energy sources such as solar panels and wind-turbines, and harvesting rainwater, 3 Boys Farm leads the way to a future of sustainable agriculture. Produced, directed, and narrated by Rick Lurding. Related PostsDylan Ratigan Quits TV To Run Organic Hydroponic FarmGreen Sky Growers Hydroponic Rooftop Greenhouse- North TowerOrganic Farming Techniques, Allison FarmLiberty Farms – Grant Valkaria Hydroponic FarmWestern Growers Foundation School Garden ProgramBangladesh Organic Farm ( Hydroponics – 09 )

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  • speadskater 1 year ago

    Great video, but as a technically minded person, 10:30 got to me. By putting turbines outside of your fans, you're adding resistance. You can't just put a turbine behind a fan and run the fan, that would be perpetual motion. You can recapture some of that energy, but you're disrupting the flow of air and possibly reducing the efficiency of the fans.

  • Günther Ecker 1 year ago

    From where comes the "organic nitrogen fertilizer"?

  • LeslieA Leach 1 year ago

    At the 5min and 30 second mark you have your Customer using a SAN PELLEGRINO WATER box …. Please edit that out …. REPLACE IT WITH
    3 BOYS FARM because that the name of your business . I hope that helps

  • Jake Danforth 1 year ago

    Perhaps, instead of on-site educational tours you could instead produce some detailed youtube videos.

  • dsndicmsa 1 year ago

    polycarbonate is not a petroleum product?

  • dsndicmsa 1 year ago

    what is heating your water, that is stored in underground tanks and would be cool like a cellar, which passes through the heat exchange radiators to heat your greenhouses…….. i guess this is the water you are feeding your plants and needs to be relatively warm…… and would be heated somehow

  • dsndicmsa 1 year ago

    so this system catches all the rain water it can, holds onto it as much as it possibly can and locks it away….. sounds great, lets begin doing this on a large scale.

  • dsndicmsa 1 year ago

    wow look at how cheap easy and simple that infrastructure is, and just look at the cheap abundant biomass per ha lolz

  • Ruben00021 1 year ago

    I was under the impression that pilled seeds, as being used at 4:15, are by definition not organic. Also, the use of artificial fertilizer is not allowed in organic agriculture. Or maybe this is different in the USA?

  • Reynaldzon Bello 1 year ago

    i wonder what they use as organic plant nutrient in their hydroponics 'coz i wanna try it too

  • Robert Ostman 1 year ago

    dang… they are using pvc… why do farmers opt for such polluting option when there are other options that do not pollute…

  • Evan Post 1 year ago

    Great work! What kind of nutrients do you use? I was under the impression that most water soluable nutrients for hydroponics were petroleum based.

  • Tabby Mwangi 1 year ago

    hey ..I think You should come and start something of the sort in my country,,Kenya. .Very impressive

  • Naweed sediq 1 year ago

    This guy is a genius and people like make the world a better place to live. This can very useful in countries like India, Japan, Russia, Egypt and the middle east. you can recycle water, use wind to produce electricity and use the waste to feed chicken. I am going to try this one day but on a smaller scale

  • TheVierinsky 1 year ago

    As an agronomy student from Chile i've found this very impressive. I would like to do something like this in my country at some point of my career.

    Greetings !

  • Mohammad Karbaschi 1 year ago

    "Hydroponics" Is Not "Organic".

  • jitender kumar 1 year ago

    Hi 3 Boys
    I belongs to farmer family and working as consultant in the Agriculture and have group of farmer ready to adopt new technologies ,So we are working on it visiting different areas for batter seeds and technologies.I just want to know can we get kind of project report ,hybrid seeds and chance to visit your esteemed project.

  • Krystal De Allie 1 year ago

    Im trying to inquire if you will consider traveling to a foreign Caribbean island called Grenada. We have a project that we believe your expertise will be greatly needed. Can you send a contact so we can further discuss?

  • gp P 1 year ago

    very informative thanks

  • Than Rathana 1 year ago

    I want to have fund to study about this. who can help me.