Here’s a living room Garden Tower harvest from a month of growing with our 80-Watt Ultra Efficient LED Grow Lights. The special pricing pre-order event will begin October 1st — see

29 Day Indoor Organic Herbs & Greens Harvest: Garden Tower LED Lighting Kit

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    one of the flaws..I see with this Garden Grow Tower and others like it..that are soil there is a whole lotta soil in the middle portion of each layer that is unnecessary/unused.. there is a lot of wasted space. I'm pretty sure the same results could be easily accomplished with less diameter. The concept vertically is correct..but lots of unused space and the "girth". Many of the edibles that would most likely be grown in this type of set are either short cycle crops like leafy greens, or herbs..both of which have no need for excess soil.. The exception may be egg plant, peppers..Those types would of course need more soil space..but.. vast majority of what people would grow.. are short cycle or root systems that require far less space & soil.. to include flowers. .. My guess is that you could reduce the circumference of most of those systems.. by about 1/3rd to 1/2.. and probably have enough plastic to make another system-ish