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This is a home built diy aeroponics system. It has 28 plant units and uses a 10 gallon reservoir. This can be used for medical marijuana growing. Unit shown is in transition using GH (General Hydroponics) nutrients. Related PostsHome Made Vertical Hydroponic SystemAeroponic system home made part 1Aeroponic system home made part 3How to Setup a home made DWC Hydroponic System To grow Giant TomatoHome made Hydroponic Grow System (Rough work)Very small Hydroponic system, Home made, for $10

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  • Maytag Gamine 1 year ago

    It's a good thing that was marked inappropriate! What offensive display of green thumbery!

  • red32303 1 year ago

    Water on bottem is toxic? Roots never leave the net pots? Idiot.

  • corysgood88 1 year ago

    yea bet you're running out of room for the roots in those small containers… they aren't supposed to be on the bottom the water is toxic during flowering and the misters don't get all the roots, and are your nozzles 50 microns or less?

  • brain69x 1 year ago

    That looked like canibus??

  • babylonbooy 1 year ago

    no problems with roots clogging up the sprayers?