Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is one of the most popular species of aloe genus.
It can survive in low light settings and doesn’t mind low
humidity as it prefers dry air. Also, it’s one of the best medicinal plants.

Lace Aloe
This rosette-forming aloe is compact in size with raised white marks on leaves.
Lace aloe is a suitable choice for low light conditions as it loves to grow in
filtered light.

Tiger Aloe
This dwarf aloe looks great on the tabletop and in succulent arrangements.
It loves to grow in partial shade but does survive the full shade, *but growth may impede.

Snake Plant
The snake plant or “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue” is the king when
it comes to low light succulents. Keep it in full shade, where
it can receive bright indirect daylight, and it’ll thrive. We
also added it to our list of Plants That Grow Without
Direct Sunlight!

Zebra Plant
The fleshy leaves of Zebra plant are patterned in horizontal white
streaks, giving it a zebra-like resemblance. It can grow up to 6
inches tall only. The short stature makes it one of the best
office desk plants.

Jade Plant
Jade plant is also known as a good luck plant.
According to Feng Shui, it symbolizes wealth and prosperity.
While a jade plant can tolerate low light and grow indoors,
it doesn’t flower in lack of sunlight.

Bear Paws
Bear paws as name sounds look quite similar as cute as little bear’s paws.
If that’s not enough, it also bears orange-red bell-shaped flowers during
the active growing season. You can grow it in pots, in which it can be up
to one foot tall.

Fox Tail Agave
This agave is also known as Lion’s Tail or Swan’s Neck
because of its unusual inflorescences, or you can say blooms.

Woodland Stonecrop
One of the most shade tolerant sedums and it’s drought-tolerant as well.
Once grown fully, stonecrop can manage without fertilizer in dusty, rocky soil.

Donkey’s Tail
Also known as Burro’s Tail–It’s one of the best low
light succulents for hanging baskets. Its 2 feet long
dangling fat stems covered in gray-green leaves look
pretty attractive.

Flaming Katy
Our favorite flowering succulent, check out a few
more here. Though it can grow in the shade, it needs
sunlight to bloom prolifically.

Wax Plant
Hoya genus has many successful houseplant species like Hoya
carnosa and Hoya kerrii that are attractive & showy and
perfect for homes and offices. These succulent vines grow
well in filtered sunlight and produce fragrant flowers.

Kiwi Aeonium
This drought-tolerant plant can do quite well in low light
shady spots in a warm climate. It has fat spoon-like, puffed
leaves in a rosette pattern. The leaves are yellow and green
and red toward edges. It flowers only once in a lifetime as
it’s a monocarpic plant.

Ponytail Palm
Ponytail palm is also known as ‘Elephant Foot Palm’ because its trunk resembles
elephants foot in which it stores water. It is one of the most spectacular
indoor plants you can grow.

Devil’s Backbone
It also goes by the name Buckthorn, Zigzag plant, Jew’s slipper,
Slipper plant, Redbird cactus, Redbird flower, Christmas candle,
and Red slipper spurge. When you are growing outdoors, it can go
up to 8 feet tall.

Crown of Thorns
Crown of Thorns is one of the best shade-tolerant succulents.
However, in the shade, the plant doesn’t flower. It’s essential
to keep in mind that all parts of Euphorbia are toxic.

Panda Plant
Panda Plant is also known as Pussy’s Ear due to its velvety,
soft-textured foliage that resembles its shape. This mini
houseplant is perfect for a kid’s room.

ZZ Plant
ZZ is perfect for dark space where direct sunlight doesn’t reach.
It requires proper warm surroundings to grow, except for that it’s
quite rough–Drought tolerant and low care.

Gasteria plant looks quite similar to aloe. Though it is short and plumper.
Leaves are green with white spots. It is an excellent choice when you’re
searching for the best low light succulents. Gasteria grows with slow
speed and stays small.

String of Pearls
Strings of Pearls is a beautiful trailing succulent.
Its leaves grow in the shape of small pearls that give
them an attractive look. This plant can be used as a
home decoration piece; you can grow it in hanging baskets.

Mother of Millions
Mother of Millions, also sometimes known as Mother of Thousands,
is a beautiful succulent houseplant from Kalanchoe genus, but
some people consider it a weed outdoors. It’s a tough plant that
tolerates low light and neglect well.

It’s a group of several popular miniature succulent species that
you can grow indoors as well.

If you’re looking to grow a trailing low light succulent–Aptenia
cordifolia can be an option. It’ll greet you with red or
magenta-purple flowers from spring to autumn.

Spider Agave
Due to its compact size and spineless leaves, you can easily
grow it in pots indoors. It’s perfect for a spot that receives
morning sunlight.

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