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If you want to know how to grow a vertical vegetable garden and/or grow the most food possible vertically, then you need to learn about the GreenStalk Stackable gardening system. In this episode of the Vegetable Gardening show, Mike interviews Jack Peterson and Cody Catherine Thomas about their product, how it got started and why it is so effective for vertical vegetable gardeners. Invented by Jack Peterson, the GreenStalk stackable gardening system lets you grow more than 32 different plant varieties in a vertical gardening footprint that is about 2 feet squared. Growing your vegetable, fruit and herbs vertically is a great way to grow a lot while using less space, so if you area already short on space, then you know that growing up is the best to go. HELPFUL LINKS ============= GreenStalk website ( GreenStalk on Facebook ( GreenStalk on Twitter ( GreenStalk on Pinterest ( GreenStalk on Instagram ( PRODUCTS TALKED ABOUT IN THIS SHOW =================================== GreenStalk stackable Gardening System ( FoxFarm Happy Frog Potting Soil ( Seeds of the Month Club ( ================================== YouTube ( Facebook ( Twitter ( Pinterest ( Instagram ( HELP SUPPORT THE VEGETABLE GARDENING SHOW BY SUBSCRIBING TO THE SEEDS OF THE MONTH CLUB TODAY ================================================ Seeds of the Month Club ( ABOUT THE GREENSTALK COMPANY ============================== Here at GreenStalk we are a family – literally. Here’s our story. Jack owns an injection mold making shop (it’s basically a manufacturing shop that makes steel molds for plastics). His sons work there too (one’s an engineer and another is a mold maker). Jack’s been an avid gardener and enjoys spending hours in his garden – his wife loves admiring his hard work which makes Jack happy. A few years ago, Jack was presented with a problem for gardeners around the world. Well, a […]

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