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A garden or backyard planter is a luxurious addition to your outdoor living, especially if you do not like spending the free time sitting indoors. Since the concept of a vertical garden is soon catching up among the urban amateur botanical enthusiasts, here are some simple ways to turn a pallet into a planter, harboring numerous plants while providing them the right amount of air, water, and sunlight. Wood Pallet Planter Plans and Ideas Wood Pallet Planter Plans and Ideas Cedar Pallet Planter Create a stunning planter with cedar wood pockets filled with soil sheltering your favorite plants. Place it in the backyard and see how your luscious veggies grow in their little space. Pallet Planter Pallet Planter How to build a pallet planter Beautify the blank walls by adding some rustic charm with a vertical pallet garden for growing a wide variety of plants. A white finish blends with the background making the planter appear greener and brighter. Wood Pallet Planter Wood Pallet Planter Homemade Pallet Planter Rather than discarding repurposed pallet, line it with a landscaping fabric and plant flowers, herbs, and vegetables, leaning up against the wall posing as a mini garden. Vertical Pallet Planter Vertical Pallet Planter Making Pallet Planter Doesn’t it look like a work of collage as if the flora has been naively scattered all over a wooden board? Learn how to make the plants coexist in one place. Wooden Pallet Planter Wooden Pallet Planter Building Pallet Garden Another simple DIY tutorial for building a pallet planter to hone up your gardening skills with a punch of creativity. Pallet Vertical Planter Pallet Vertical Planter Recycled Pallet Vertical Garden Despite the chill in the air, you can still plan an interesting summer craftwork beginning with a pallet planter to let your backyard burgeon with greenery. […]

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    Go to woodprix page if you'd like to know how to build it. Great solutions for everyone I think.

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    Awesome video! I like it