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This video ” DIY Hydroponics 5 Gallon Bucket Deep Water Culture” will show you the basic supplies and steps needed to DIY and make your very own deep water culture. This is a very simple DIY project and is a lot of fun to watch your plants benefit. There are many types of Hydroponics systems out there. Deep water culture is one of the easiest to begin with. That is why I chose it. Basically your plant is held in place by a growing medium, the roots go into the water and drink the hydroponic nutrients you have mixed in. The water is aerated and circulated by a small air pump. Before long your plant will grow long healthy roots that can encompass the entire bucket. This entire DIY project took me about 1 hour on a Saturday. It cost me about and will no doubt pay for itself. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponic DWC Bucket Kit (Deep Water Culture) UnboxingHydroponics growing system: How to build a homemade DIY Deep Water Culture or DWC growing systemHomemade DWC Hydroponics System – DIY Deep Water Culture How-toDeep water culture hydroponics video 1DIY DWC Hydroponics – Cheap and easy deep water culture hydroponic spinach gardenHomemade Hydroponics System | Deep Water Culture | Carolina Reaper Grow #6 | Hot Peppers | LED Grow

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  • MiscerVids 1 year ago

    Great video. I appreciate how quick and to the point you were when explaining what the point/purpose is of this growing system.

  • Bree Kraut 1 year ago

    Im using inplix instructions to make it and I do it already :)

  • Genoveva Allen 1 year ago

    All of my eco tools I made with InpliX. Google and try it.

  • Chris Martinez 1 year ago

    nice bro