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Hanging planters are perfect for any indoor or outdoor place because they save your space and are very convenient to use. You can make a planter or just take any old planter you have and hang it. Metal, wood, plastic, glass – any planter would do but for outdoors pick something durable like metal, glass or concrete. A cool way to add a rustic touch is to hang a basket and use it as a planter. Boho style can be expressed using macramé or just any yarn to hang a planter. Leather or chain is awesome to hang planter for outdoors or just if your planter is heavy. Choose among the tutorials below! 24 Cool DIY Hanging Planters For Indoors And Outdoors Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrowing Marijuana Indoors | Outdoors Tips, E-Book Help for Weed Growing 2012Hanging Planters Patio, Lawn and GardenHanging Planters For Outdoor & Indoor Plants With Decorative Baskets & Hanger HooksDIY Lace Imprinted Hanging PlantersEarly Spring Plants Series: Planters, Wall Bags, and Hanging BasketsIndoor Wall Hanging Planters Idea – DIY Interior Design

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