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Working the bugs out of a short burst HPA setup. On/off times are for demonstration only. I’ve used 1 sec on and 3 minutes off for almost 3 years now with no pump failure, although using the pump like that will greatly shorten its lifespan. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEasy DIY D.W.C. Aeroponic Hybrid Hydroponic Setup under $30How I setup my DIY Aeroponic chambersPotato Aeroponic Technology Hindi versionHow An Aeroponic Hydroponic System WorksAeroponic SystemsAeroponic Food Production Panel Grow Food Indoors


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  • Assassin jewish 1 year ago

    Pompa link plizzz

  • Ratsquid 1 year ago

    Old post I know but any way to silence the pump going to build an isolation box but fear I'm just wasting my time

  • 420 Friendly 1 year ago

    So, you spent this time and missed the mark. An accumulator makes for no drip. Your drip comes from building up and reducing pressure at on off. Your timer should be set to an electric solenoid, not the pump; your pump can just simply be plugged in with the pressure regulator set to the desired PSI. Finally, 220 is going to be far too small of a micron if even done correctly; NASAs research showed that optimal micron size for uptake is 50 micron. Better luck next time.

  • Xquizit Genetics 1 year ago

    nice setup! I have a similar aeroponic setup also and my plants are loving it!

  • multisomebodyelse notme 1 year ago

    sounds like random nail gun pops eww

  • OneOriginalName 1 year ago

    try adding small check valves to your existing sprayers. they work with a minimum threshold pressure. when the pressure drops below that level they stay shut. should eliminate the dribbling.

  • Luis Lins 1 year ago

    I would like to know the water temperature on the reservoir?

  • Twin Turbskies 1 year ago

    What is the PN on that pump? All the aquatec 8800 pumps ive seen are 125psi

  • Nucleus Accumbens Stimulation 1 year ago

    Doesn't that pump have 3 wires 2 black 1 green? Which wires are you running into the yellow 3 prong plug and which 1 is the ground wire?

  • jimmy blacks 1 year ago

    hey man add an accumlator tank to your grow it will keep the water pressure constant and keep the nozzles from pissing when the pump kicks on and off.

  • kwajo mensah 1 year ago

    How are you powering the pump?

  • A Syd 1 year ago

    1 or 2 misters, short tubing AFTER a solenoid, will give you pretty crisp spray

  • JohnGuest45 1 year ago

    My advice, sell the pump and put the money towards a silent air compressor.

  • jrichard73 1 year ago
  • jrichard73 1 year ago

    Has nothing to do with soft lines your nozzles are squirting because you don't have anti-drip nozzles.
    If you replace with anti-drip nozzle and incorporate a 21 ounce shur-flo accumulator it will way better.

  • jokibud1969 1 year ago

    should av jst sat back up a few inches on some 2×2 for quicker runoff,good set up

  • sachel9 1 year ago

    Your "Pissing" problem is due to soft lines. Use rigid plumbing, and aim the misters slightly upward from the top of rigid plumbing. (Schedule 40 PVC should work.)

  • marcvz 1 year ago

    just to clarify, by having the stored volume of high pressure water and using the solenoid to control the flow to the nozzles you are ensuring that only a high pressure burst of water is sent to the nozzles. If you use it just with the pump inline then when the pump motor spins up and down you will get a lower pressure stream of water which will cause the trickling effect of water. 😀

  • marcvz 1 year ago

    nice gear, you musta spent a heck of a lot of money for that equipment. Due to the inhibiting cost I chose to DIY using ebay items.

    If you get a pressure tank, pressure switch and solenoid running the pump once every now and then on pressure switch and using the solenoid with your timer it will fix your issue with the water dribbling out at the end. It is to do with the pump priming and it doesn't get enough time to build pressure in your cycle. I have set this up independently and works well.