2020 Landscape Design Portfolio Series-Walter Hood: Landscape and Community-October 29

As the founder and creative director of Hood Design Studio in Oakland, California, Walter Hood creates urban spaces that resonate with and enrich the lives of current residents while also respecting public history. As an artist and landscape designer, he turned traffic islands, open spaces, and highway underpasses into spaces that challenge the neglected heritage of urban communities. Recently, Hood performed an ambitious memorial landscape that reflects his interest in the role of sculpture in public spaces. The International African American Museum in Charleston is currently under construction. Nearly 40% of the enslaved Africans have arrived in this country. Hood designed a memorial garden filled with native grasses. It would go back regularly to reveal the life-size carving patterns, neatly arranged, as if confined in the cargo hold of a slave ship. Hood is a professor of landscape architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. He has published extensively and has an international reputation as a lecturer.


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