It’s finally spring with the QCCA Flower & Garden Show! Come to get inspiration for your landscaping and garden, listen to Master Gardner and Naturalist David Arensdorf, take a living flower arrangement planting workshop, or just stop by to see some beautiful plants and flowers—Rob Junker, QCCA Expo Show Director, is in the studio to tell us all about it!

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2019 QCCA Flower & Garden Show

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  • Travis Mathews

    Hey, so I'm here in Missouri. I built your greenhouse. Hard wind came in, PVC shattered and almost killed my mom, fixed it (thinking maybe it was me), another hard wind came in and broke it again. so yeah, I thought I would give you my most sincere fuck you. your greenhouse sucks ass and I wish you the best of luck during your next prostate exam… Bye, Felicia!

  • Dagins Elden

    There's something I don't understand… for the height and width you use 4 5 foot long pvc with 3 connectors…leaving with a 20-21' width and 20' long So why did you go with 32' width plastic? that seems extremely wasteful unless i'm missing something huge! wouldn't it be better to have gone with 22' wide plastic??? maybe 24 for the extra foot + on each side to wrap around a 2×4 but I just can't get why you used 32' by 100' roll of plastic to cover this! Also how tall did this greenhouse end up being in the center? The 100' let's you re-cover your greenhouse a few times or make a few of them which is nice But the width??? any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated as I am hoping to build my first greenhouse this summer! Thanks for the video and I really hope to hear back from you, or anyone that know's… 🙂

  • JessSuave

    You want heat in the winter, but unless you want to take it down in the summer you need a way to ventilate it. Otherwise it turns into a sauna and mealybugs and other pests will quickly take over. I worked for a garden center that had a poorly ventilated greenhouse and the only thing that did well in there in the heat of the summer were the tropicals and bog plants.

  • Jack Sparrow

    Can somebody tell me why its important to have windows in a grenhouse? I thought the whole point of have a greenhouse was so you can generate heat?

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