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  • Oregon grower 2 weeks ago

    Bro what the fuck are you doing growing from seed. Just buy some clones next year and you won’t be risking anything and you’ll get 100 times more bud with 100% female clones

  • silent , 2 weeks ago

    Trellis nets on each row. Or cages

  • Katham91 2 weeks ago


  • mo green Stinson 2 weeks ago

    Looking nice brother let's get it done

  • Led Smoker 2 weeks ago

    Cool variety bro!

  • New Mexico Hydroculture 2 weeks ago

    Hairy cherry sounds so awful lmfao

  • New Mexico Hydroculture 2 weeks ago

    Bro you inspire me soo fucking much. I can't wait to do dwc outside.