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2016 build of 12.5X8 passive solar hydroponic greenhouse with vertical towers including 195 sites and 13 dutch bucket system. 8mm polycarbonate south and west exposure. 600 liter in-ground hydroponic container. subterranean solar radiant heat system. vented inline fan with 2 solar arm roof vents. Shout out to Uncle Greg, Cousin Jake, and dad for construction expertise and muscle! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSustainable Micro Straw Bale Cabin with Passive Solar Green RoofPlain 2 Grow System The Best Passive Hydroponic Version 4 FINAL Upgrade! Let’s Grow!Hydroponic Greenhouse Project, Dutch bucket tomatoes, NFT Peppers and LettuceSolar Powered Hydroponic – IndoorHydroponics – Greenhouse Tomato Farming 2016#AmazingToday2017 Hydroponics – Greenhouse Tomato Farming 2016

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  • John Furr 9 months ago

    Save your money… your solar collector wont work.

  • Wanda Gil 9 months ago

    Can you please tell me what kind of thermostat, thanks, nice work!

  • Todd Perry 9 months ago

    Again how are your plants sitting in the pipe? Are they bare roots or are they in a medium and if so how far back in the pipe does the medium go?

  • Michal Witoszek 9 months ago

    Love it! How is it faring, now that the cold weather started to hit? Also, will you post more as the winter comes?

  • DeGen 9 months ago

    This is great, thanks for sharing.

  • mounir Benn 9 months ago

    amazing I love it