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Here’s a brief overview of my new design inspired by Mark Kinney using tees instead of drilling into the PVC towers. It is much easier and cheaper to build and the plants grew beautifully. They were a ton easier to pull out with their complete root system, diminishing the amount of debris in kept in the system. I used 1.5 inch wye tees and 1.5 inch cuts at 5.5 inches between tees, with alternating towers, for about 9 inches off center. I have pictures of the system fully planted in the slide show I posted earlier this week. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsMy hydroponic system ”prototype 1”USA Cannabis Corp – Prototype Recirculating DWC Hydroponic SystemHydroponic Proto-typeAIO Innovation Automated Vertical Soil-less Aeroponic Garden water flow descriptionMy school video collection container gardening course 2016My school video collection container gardening course 2016

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  • Triton Ave 1 year ago

    hi thanks for sharing could u havw used a double wye to accomodate more plants? or would the roots be fighting for the nutrients?

  • Dorcas WOOD 1 year ago

    Hi Joe, my hubby and I just found your videos. We are doing all of our planning now before we build our first vertical hydroponic system. I like this design much better than others especially that you don't have to cut into the pipe. Do you happen to have an equipment list of all the parts purchased? Thanks again.