Added by on 2016-06-07 Click the link above to see hundreds of examples of the above ideas and full tutorials! From Bamboo gardens and concrete planters to pallet garden furniture and miniature gardens for kids — we’ve got 20 amazing gardening ideas that are fun and easy to create. We also give you loads of tutorials & examples to ensure you’re truly inspired to get working on your next garden design project straight away! Video Rating: / 5 garden party ideas, garden party ideas decorations, garden party ideas for adults, garden party ideas for kids, garden party ideas for girls, garden party ideas martha stewart, garden party ideas women. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBest ideas! – Brilliant Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles Garden21 BRILLIANT IDEAS FOR YOUR INNER GARDEN4 Brilliant Indoor Gardening IdeasVertical Garden Planters Are A Brilliant Alternative To Paintings For Your WallsGarden design decorations ideas for kids17 MORE Brilliant FREE Vegetable Gardening Hacks | Productive and Easy Garden Hacks

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  • harley Van Wezel 4 years ago

    No world record.The record is 267 peeps in 12:36

  • harley Van Wezel 4 years ago

    3:13 $$$

  • Radine Peel 4 years ago

    you can see a damm thing , goes to fast

  • Rayno J 4 years ago

    Transitions are too fast and picture quality is terrible.

  • Ctemple2012 4 years ago

    Too fast….. Sorry you need to see the video: 20 helpful Editing Tips

  • aysc79 4 years ago

    too fast

  • tallladyjay 4 years ago

    The video is in no way stupid, but I agree with the comment that the text is visible longer than the image.  We only get a short glimpse of the image, which is not enough time to take in the pictures.  Good ideas, though.

  • Dennisse Cortes 4 years ago

    Speedy zGonzalez need you !!

  • Frederik ter Horst 4 years ago

    Editing fail!

  • Cleaning Service in Chichester 4 years ago

    Gardening is the toughest job because we need many ideas to make our garden beautiful and attractive. Thanks for giving the different ideas about gardening service. Hope your knowledge will be very useful to all.

  • Abdul Bashir M. Yusufi 4 years ago

    The text is visible in much longer time than the images .. what a stupid video

  • Isa Bo 4 years ago

    Liked the ideas but it was a bit fast. Had to freeze the image several times.

  • tiarnan76 4 years ago

    Love the bamboo garden idea – but yeh some really great garden ideas…