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In today’s Two Minute Tip, I’ll show you how we use eggshells to improve soil fertility. Eggshells contain a number of minerals that are essential to plant growth, most notably calcium, which plays an important role in the strength and thickness of plant cell walls. Sufficient calcium in the soil also helps prevent blossom end rot, which I’ll discuss later. Sources: One Yard Revolution is all about growing a lot of food on a little land using sustainable organic methods, while keeping costs and labor at a minimum. Emphasis is placed on improving soil quality with compost, and mulch. No store-bought fertilizers, soil amendments, pesticides, compost activators, etc. are used. Join me on Facebook: Channel Page: Two Minute Tip Playlist: Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts2 Min. Tip: How We Train Crops Up Trellises (Vertical Gardening)Eggshell Planters, Gardening with Kids!Eggshell Planters Gardening with Kids!Calcium Deficiency Symptoms in Hydroponic PeppersCoffee Grounds: How And Why We Use Them In Our GardenLearn English Through Stories Subtitles The Secret Garden Level 3

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  • jeff wolf 3 months ago

    I've had great and fast recovery uesing root organics cal and mag was so happy I got it a job bag 1 tsp per gal and huge benefit for me.

  • A Snail 3 months ago

    Your helping snails with their shells yay!

  • aslmad1 3 months ago

    im lazy and luck if I wash dishes or an ything do really have to wash shells before composting?

  • aslmad1 3 months ago

    do we really have to microwave?

  • Kennethe Miller 3 months ago

    Egg shells, I bag them in a gal zip lock bag put them in the freezer till I have a full gal bag, to the oven on a old cookie sheet at a temp of 250 for a hour or two, just turn off the oven and let cool down then crush them to dust.

  • Pat Hartzog 3 months ago

    can this be added to the food for exotic birds, parakeets, etc.?

  • Zarii A 3 months ago

    good job

  • Dona LeGrand 3 months ago

    Finally someone who know the WHOLE truth about egg shell recycling & BER! Best two minute on BER on the net.
    Best answer I have got in over 40 year of organic gardening.

  • Richard Monk 3 months ago

    I've noticed in your more recent videos that you have visible egg shell bits in your garden.  Have you stopped blending them? If so, what made you change your mind and are there any other egg shell related changes you've made?  Thanks for the great videos, you're a great gardener and the time you take to efficiently explain things is much appreciated!

  • Mousey Publishings 3 months ago

    best eggshell vid ever.

  • AH GAMER 3 months ago

    hey if I grind the eggshells and pour it on the soil will be like whitey

  • React Nature 3 months ago

    What an awesome natural fertilizer, its simply great, well done.

  • Amith Mp 3 months ago

    how to improove the productivity of tomatao plant ? Any tips 🙂

  • Thank you for writing subtitles because that's make me understand more efficient

  • Lau Kai Kiat 3 months ago

    Nice video! Can I use this powder for aquatic plants like Hydrilla?

  • Dale Baranowski 3 months ago

    That's a good tip for those living in areas where the soil is acidic so eggshells are fine in that area since the acids in the soil will break them down. But where I live, an arid area where the bedrock is limestone and chalk, putting eggshells into compost and into the ground only exacerbates a problem of alkalinity. We already have plenty of calcium in our soils as it is, too much, in fact.

  • Petals on the Paving Slabs 3 months ago

    I knew it was good to use egg shells in my compost, but didn't know why. Now I do, thank you!

  • Cameron Pierre 3 months ago

    how do you get rid of roly polys in compost?

  • NJTransit Productions 3 months ago

    Can you use chicken poop? I really want to know because I have a compost bin, and we might get chickens this spring, and would want to use their poop as a source of fertilizer. Thank you for reading.

  • Joshua Newcomb 3 months ago

    Damn son that's some beautiful soil