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Simple 2-Liter Plastic Bottle Hydroponic System Video Rating: / 5 NFT Hydroponic system homemade This project attempts to grow using an NFT hydroponics System and I’m already seeing great results. I built this NFT hydroponic system for just £30 and it took about 4 hours to create its Cheap and homemade. NFT hydroponics is the process of passing nutrients and water through a hydroponic system, the roots of the plants are constantly replenished with nutrients, water and oxygen. I have decided to start this NFT hydroponics system in my greenhouse to further understand hydroponic gardening. So far the results seen in this cheap NFT system are far better the the DWC (Deep water Culture) system. The roots seem to love flowing water. I will admit, I cheated slightly with the plants for this but it saves waiting for seeds to germinate. I took some plants from soil, cleaned all the soil from the roots and put them into the hydroponic system. I used clay balls (Hydroton) to keep the plants stable in the net pots. So, I’ve had just one major issue with this hydroponic garden. I have noticed that algae has begun to appear in the reservoir and on some of the roots of the plants. Algae is really difficult to avoid, but I don’t want it to be the cause of the plants deaths. I think this problem has occurred because the reservoir is white and has relatively thin walls, meaning that the sun has some way of penetrating the reservoir and causing issues. I will keep the progress of this updated so please subscribe to get the following videos. Visit my website for more information. To view my DWC hydroponics system just click the link below. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydroponic Basic : […]

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  • Danielle Chamberlain 7 months ago

    Why is the clay needed for this process?

  • Edgardo Valle 7 months ago


  • Rennard 7 months ago

    think you

  • bluewaterjones 7 months ago

    As one of my commenters stated, try blacking out the bottle. This was a simple experiment. Unfortunately, I disassembled all my stuff when I moved… and I haven't set any of it up again

  • Kelsey Frank 7 months ago

    I made a wick system for school and used a strip of cloth for the wick….now the wick is moldy and my plant it dying…do you know what did I do wrong? And how can I fix it?

  • 1ka0tik 7 months ago

    horrible! first, green and clear was a bad move because the reflection of green light would diffuse the amount of light that the plant would be able to absorb and the clearness of the bottle is susceptible to algae or bacterial growth. simply black out the bottle and you'll be good.

  • Veilside1000HP 7 months ago

    Great stuff, no need to waste electricity, running quite few of those pumps the electricity bill adds up at the end.

  • sillydog70 7 months ago

    Hi i made one myself but instead of a paper towel I used all flat white shoestrings were just as good and if you can't find those red stones you can Use sand it's just as good or use vermiculite

  • jsein09 7 months ago

    Did you place the roots right next to the paper towel that its touching or just close to the area?? I made one myself and it's my first time making one.

  • bluewaterjones 7 months ago

    I used the water I cleaned out of my fish tank for nutrients. I would keep it fresh twice a week. Worked ok

  • jsein09 7 months ago

    Do you always keep water or nutrients in the bottom part??

  • plain2growJim 7 months ago

    Good video! Hydro is the way to go.

  • R1c3cr4ck3r 7 months ago

    Hello, I was wondering if fertilizer salt builds up in the reservoir over time, and if so, how would you clean / change the water? Thanks!

  • dramey03 7 months ago

    thanks for such a simple wick system idea

  • Nikunj Bakraniya 7 months ago

    really nice, Now i'll at my place and update you. Thanks for sharing…

  • Shaun Wiles 7 months ago

    #Hydroponic #Gardening experiment. This hydroponic system uses NFT or nutrient film technique to grow plants.