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proof of concept system design primarily use a 2 liter bottles I had piling up, as well as create an expandable auto siphon system. thou system could definitely use some fine tuning I do believe it is Related Posts2 Liter Plastic Bottle Hydroponic Wick SystemAerogarden weed auto flower dwarf hydroponic systemHydroponic Behälter Topf selber bauen in groß Air Pot und 60 Liter FassDIY Hydroponic grow beds using the Bell siphonPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsVertical gardening with 2 liter bottles

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  • Thanin Bunnak 1 year ago

    How to make this system Please!

  • Shopping Rb 1 year ago

    I live in the third world and I'm too poor to have so many bottles.

  • Jon Lee 1 year ago

    Pretty Cool…. Like to see it when you get done.

  • slowpoke692 1 year ago

    Did you try using larger pipe on the bottom? ie, 1 1/2, that would give it more volume and less friction in the siphon stage.

  • brian kohlenberg 1 year ago

    Did you just glue the bottles to the tee? can you explain that connection more. thanks -bk

  • An R 1 year ago

    good job with the siphon, perhaps the water is not draining fast enough because of the pipe thickness. I would try increasing the size of the pipe and using coupling to attach the bottles like you have. I would also change the second 90 elbow out of your siphon and use a 45 elbow to increase the speed that the water is dropping.

  • Mary Pead 1 year ago

    Great video I love that you're using trial and error I think it's really important to see what works best for you. Thanks for taking time to make!

  • Zsolo 1 year ago

    how is it worked with any plant? if u run the pump 24, they cant get oxigen from roots :/

  • Darth Cookie 1 year ago

    Clever! What size pipe and fittings did you use for the bottles? 3/4-inch? 1-inch?

  • kaki hijau 1 year ago

    Hi is a great video.but I want to know 1 thing.does this siphon only work for drainage purposes only?can it pump a liquid from low level,let say 1 meter upward?thanks

  • KernDesertPreppers 1 year ago

    I'm about to build a 14 bottle design, i will post a video and a build video.

  • AmeriJam Acres 1 year ago

    I've found the external bell siphon to work much better than the u siphon. All the grow beds in my aquaponics system are connected to an external bell siphon and it drains much better than one bed did with a u siphon.

  • Rotary Power 1 year ago

    LOL, sorry to jump back in again but, just watched your vid again!  Couple of things came to mind after seeing the vid again =)

    1) IF you wanted to "Let your pump work at full capacity" instead of regulating the voltage with a resister/potentiometer .  You can : On your "Inlet Siphon Line" put a "Tee & Valve" inline.  This will allow you to regulate the water level ( Before you siphon kicks in) as seen in the bottles.  As the plants grow ( Roots get longer & allowing for better Aeration ) IF Needed.  Possibly help prevent any type of "Root Rot" issues.

    2) IF you wanted to plant Different Veggies which have Different Growth Rates/ Consumption Needs you can Take it 1 Step further By putting a "Bleed Valve" on each Reservoir.  Then you can have complete control of the individual plants.

    Again Great Idea!

    Peace Out All!

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS my Fellow YouTubers!

  • Rotary Power 1 year ago

    Daniel, I'm not an active YouTuber 1st of all… and I just found this video today 12/19/2014.  This is my first time I'm doing a comment lol.  I like your innovative design and idea.  I don't know if you managed to fix it but, I believe 2 things will allow this system to work the way you want it:

    1) Add a few more "Tee Fittings and Balance Tubes" between your bottles (Side to Side) to make everything as "Parallel".  This will change your system from a "In Line" to a "Synchronized" system.
    2) Increase the diameter of your siphon starting from your "Outlet Line" try doubling the Dia as a starting point to allow more drain volume to flow faster.

    I just started messing with Aeroponics and getting into Aquaponics now myself…. came across your vid because, was looking for siphon ideas for a RO/DI water system today 😉 lol.

    GREAT Idea & Concept!!! Good to see Innovation like yours!  Keep up the good work!  

    Happy Holidays to ALL!

  • pedro magoo 1 year ago

    great job…good thinking

  • Ryan O'Donnell 1 year ago

    Very cool! 

  • Gigglebyte Aquaponics and Backyard Farming 1 year ago

    I Love your video!! Check out my organic aquaponics channel please you'll love it

    Please like and subscribe!!

  • Trippy Sheepy 1 year ago

    this dude sounds like badger from Breaking Bad

  • Oliver Paton 1 year ago

    If you leave it on you'll get root rot

  • Willy Zarco 1 year ago

    nice idea, i hope it will not damage the roots because once the nutrients drains out the root will start to fall by gravity the roots will be in constant motion for every cycle.