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In this gardening video, we go over my indoor cannabis harvest – medical marijuana grow. Overall final dry weight was 2.4 lbs. If you enjoyed this video please click that thumbs up button 🙂 Season playlist- This gardening video is for educational and/or documentary purposes and isn’t designed to help or encourage others to imitate. My 2nd channel- Equipment I use- ★Premium Content★ My How To Grow ebook- My How To Grow audio book- My How To Grow video course- Patreon- ★Products shown/mentioned in this video★ ES300 LED grow light (Discount code: MRGROWIT)- SolarSystem 1100 LED grow light- Base nutrients (Discount code: MRGROWIT)- Silica (Discount code: MRGROWIT)- CalMag (Discount code: MRGROWIT)- Bloom Boosters (Discount code: MRGROWIT)- B-Vitamin (Discount code: MRGROWIT)- Seaweed (Discount code: MRGROWIT)- Inline fan- Duct- Carbon filter- Heater- Humidifier- RO System- CO2 monitor- 12″ oscillating fan- 8″ oscillating fan- Soil- Plastic grow pots- SensorPush temp & humidity monitor- Sensorpush WIFI gateway- AcuRite temp & humidity monitor- pH Up & pH Down- pH meter- TDS meter- Timer- Panda film- Mylar- Trellis Net- Stakes- Tomato cage- Light ratchets- Measuring container- Plant clips- Cameras used- & Tripod- ★Gardening Education Links★ Gardening equipment I recommend: My website for gardening education: ★Social Media★ Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: ★Music In Video★ Bxstxn – Daydream Lightness – Nomyn Bongo – KV Ray – Eye Of The Needle Buddha – Kontekst Siren Screen – Ooyy Related Posts2.4 LB CANNABIS HARVEST! INDOOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA GROWMEDICAL MARIJUANA INDOOR GARDEN! – GROWING CANNABIS IN GROW TENTSHOME GROWN CANNABIS HARVEST! – HARVESTING […]

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  • Mr. Grow It 11 months ago

    Thanks for watching my video this week. I'd like to know, how was your last harvest? Also, what strains are you currently growing?

    Equipment I use-

    My 2nd channel-

  • Did you use Bloom Yellow bottles for this grow also?

  • Michael Hearring 11 months ago

    Beautiful girls, great info, love the video. New from Missouri, pleased to meet all you fellow growers!
    Peace, love, cannabis!

  • Alexandra Bazelais 11 months ago

    Hi Chris, can you point me in the direction of finding business owners specifically in the cannabis industry who need funding?

  • Clos Montana 11 months ago

    If you regulate your par on your plant , can you avoid bleached tops ? If so what par do you recommend for stages of growing ? Thx !

  • Disappoint Panda 11 months ago

    how many plants did u harvest of each strain is what i'd like to know ? that 2.4 lbs ssounds great until u know how many plants it takes to reach that number .

  • Jj Smith 11 months ago

    You shouldve sacrificed a half lb to lower the temps and the pk so youd have frostier, tighter buds. Looked decent though

  • Herb's Hothouse 11 months ago

    These plants look amazing!

  • ภาคภูมิ บุตรน้ำเพ็ชร 11 months ago

    My country (Thailand) is having a medical marijuana policy. If the law passed, I would like to have funding and will send marijuana to investors at a lower price than the market price by 40%.

  • taylor grove 11 months ago

    Hey Mr grow do you just use your central air to control the temperature in your flower tent?

  • Bruce Evans 11 months ago

    Amazing job!

  • Clos Montana 11 months ago

    Have you herd of platinum led brand ? I’m debating between that brand and electric sky .

  • Gregory Williams 11 months ago

    Hmu i was a farmer but was robbed"""and now have legal rights,,,

  • Dedskin Prodcer/DJ 11 months ago

    those buds look much better when wet , and aslo all of them look the same , only difference being individual bud quality and density that varies a bit , other then that identical , dont know why ppl invent those names, this kush that kush , this lemon that sour , much world play for what is in essence identical stuff

  • Cody B 11 months ago

    I know someone who gets those super dark leaves EVERY RUN on a few plants no matter what the genetics. I've never heard of them looking that bad, but i have heard of fan leaves looking so dark they're almost blue. The only variable that is constant each run is the fox farm soil+blue planet farmers pride nutes.

  • Jonathan Suçuk 11 months ago

    Hey I would like to start growing weed and my Question is what was your average Energy Consumption ?

  • Notxsativa 11 months ago


  • Jaime Lopez 11 months ago

    Do u leave your fan on when drying in darkness