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A 1lb tomato grown in a DWC hydroponic system. Hydroponic Greenhouse. Grow tomatoes in cold climates with a greenhouse & hydroponics. Grow large tomatoes with hydroponics. Related Postsrecirculating deep water culture hydroponic grow systemUnder Current Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System: animated walkthroughHow to Build Deep Water Culture Hydroponic SystemHow To Setup a Hydroponic DWC Deep Water Culture SystemHow to Build Deep Water Culture Hydroponic SystemHydroponic DWC Bucket Kit (Deep Water Culture) Unboxing

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  • tangobayus 8 months ago

    Look into cold tolerant tomatoes from Reimers Seeds. They have, among others, Siberian tomatoes that will set fruit at 40F. I have a Moskovich clone that I started in late August that now has 2" green fruit in San Francisco.

  • Andre Lübke 8 months ago

    Think it looks very nice

  • c549 m 8 months ago

    How do you prevent pythium from growing in your bucket? Any helpful and honest info will be highly appreciated thanks in advance

  • Jordan gebolys 8 months ago

    I know this video is old. But great job. I am about to grow my first hydroponics tomatoes in dec as well. Give me some tips if you get this bro, thanks

  • Louise Erasmus 8 months ago

    How can i obtain some seeds.?

  • Dan Hughes 8 months ago

    Very nice tomato. I live in NC, so seeing somewhere that remains cooler in the summer is a glorious thing! Don't knock it.

  • YoBoyJoeBoogie 8 months ago


  • Mike Disher 8 months ago

    What's your ppm?

  • William White 8 months ago

    "After many failed attempts of building an Hydroponic system. I was performing a search on the internet for information and found your site *[ Check Details Here  ===> ]*. I have never been so thankful to find a site before in my life. I learned so much through your guide and video. I have also been very impressed with your customer service. I have sent you many emails asking questions and you answered me back quickly. Thank you"

  • MsFlame 8 months ago

    How did it taste?

  • Mahar Ali 8 months ago

    how much time it took for this plant to start fruiting?

  • Mohamed Said 8 months ago

    ?? Can i grow up tomatoes at deep water culture system without any problems at flowering

  • sean Brian 8 months ago

    Hi I did not hear what ppm you used. Could you share it again.thanks

  • Roger T 8 months ago

    great looking tomato, can I buy some seeds from you? or hook me with your supplier.

  • Lincoln Bias 8 months ago

    Very nice, I would sure like some of those seeds.

  • Joan Burr-Salzman 8 months ago

    Really nice tomatoes. Congrats. I am curious what is up with the leaves, do you know? It doesn't seem to be hurting the plants. Colorado Springs is 140 miles South of me and I didn't know about the company till now.

  • Malou Manlapas 8 months ago

    Wow, Very Cool! Thanks for the video.

  • Scott Shirley 8 months ago

    any way I can get some of those seeds

  • Kevyrev Gardening 8 months ago

    Very nice my friend, great channel, subscribed!