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This engine is in Jerome Arizona at the Gold King Mine. Big Bertha has 10,154 Cubic Inches with 3 cylinders. Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts[JOB] Utilities Engineer | Power Plant Engineer | Chicago, ILHuge Abandoned Chicago Power PlantAeroponic Plant Growing Bucket System, The Maxx Power PRO 12Chicago's Abandoned Power Plant | Rooftopping | Urban ExploringTropical Plants – Plumeria Flowers In Chicago – Plant Hardiness Zone 5Plant Chicago Farmers Market

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  • Michael Bauers 4 years ago

    This, for unknown reasons, reminded me of John Boy of the Walton's getting hit by a belt and going blind ( which never made a lot of sense to me, but maybe it's possible.) Always wonder how dangerous these belts were really, with no protection if they break. Cool video though

  • jonnda 4 years ago

    I remember visiting this engine in the 90's. If you tip the guy he'll make it backfire and you can hear it echo off the hills.

  • James Pickthall 4 years ago

    sounds nice

  • Stephen Cumming 4 years ago

    Where did the engine come from? How did this person come to be the caretaker of it?

  • ‍1marcelfilms 4 years ago

    Smoother than my crap moped

  • bingola45 4 years ago

    I'm sure you wouldn't have to bar it round and listen for the magneto to tell which stroke the engine's on. You could tell by just looking at the rockers, or feeling for the tappet clearance.

  • Patrick Pikulski 4 years ago

    The kid is like yeah whatever and the dad is super excited lol

  • Patrick Pikulski 4 years ago

    Did the engine originally use propane to start?

  • Michael Henwood 4 years ago

    $10,a bargain at the price.

  • David Quigley 4 years ago

    jeremy renner

  • fla playa 4 years ago

    If America is ever to be great again, we need to start making stuff again. You Hear Me Donald? Look at how great this machine is… Kids today are being taught how to scroll through their Snapchat and ask Google questions. I was born in '81 Detroit area and saw the transition away from heavy industry. I grew up with a tool in one hand and a part in the other. On work sites since diapers. Everyone wonders why the economy sucks. It's because we've exported all the heavy industry period… Glad to see that young lad showing an interest here. Also that giant electrical stator is just itching to be mated with that engine. I'd guess it to be somewhere in the ballpark of 3-5 Megawatts. Probably 4000 volts. Could light up a town with that setup.

  • Ryan Newman 4 years ago

    If you just want to hear the engine run, skip to 7:00.

  • Tarletan Hale 4 years ago

    Back when Men were Men and the word Prius wasn't in our vocabulary.

  • brokenwrench1 4 years ago

    the pony engine on the compressor is either a farmall F20 or F30 farm tractor i know the sound as i worked with to years for a IHC dealer as a mechanic

  • Organgrinder1010 4 years ago

    For a moment I thought this was originally a part of the pneumatic system that ran for years under the streets of Chicago connecting post offices and many department stores. Was there any relationship with that system?

  • Edward Halverson 4 years ago

    Cool. What was the generator rated at? How many amps, and at what voltage? K.W.? ETC. … Ed

  • rickd248 4 years ago

    Is it possible that is really a triple expansion steam engine being run on air since there is no boiler handy? I see Chicago Pneumatic on the side of the engine but somehow it seems a little strange to burn some kind of fuel to run an engine to operate a compressor to provide high pressure air for for a pneumatic engine to run a direct drive generator. But hey, what do I know? This is the one set up in Jerome isn't it? Is this by the saw mill?

  • Carl Napp 4 years ago

    Perhaps a dumb question, but how does a pneumatic power plant go?

  • Defjamsgreen 4 years ago