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#dollaretreedupe #dollartreeDIY Stackable planter vertical garden Dupe. Why pay Alot of money for something you can DIY and love it while saving money. #dollartree #dollartreedupe If you live in the city this a perfect project to do. You can stack it 7 high and have alot of space t grow. Dollar Tree planters for a dollar Can not beat that. #dollartreehighenddupe #dollartreediy #dollartreeDIY I try to grow in containers here in the city, since I don’t have much space. I try to grow up also to pack in alot of garden space in an urban city. I want to inspire others to grow in a tiny space. Just grab some seeds, and dirt and start where your at.. You can do it to. Water bottle : We live in Miami a few days of week for work and live a few days on the farm, so this is a glimpse of my other world. Please check out my friends channel that inspired me: I want to thank you for viewing my video, and likes… Please subscribe and watch us grow…. We will be doing DIY, crafts, baking, and gardening. We will also share photography, building on our farm, and our saltwater life in an urban city to. Please come and take a ride with us on the adventures of our ten acres. We are a small farm with big dreams. We thank you. I do not own any copyrights to the music. I do own all the photos and videos being used in this video that I took my self. 🔴 Subscribe for more free YouTube videos: Share this video with a friend: Watch my trailer: Watch our sancocho video: Watch our salt life video: _________________________________________________________________________________ Business email: To keep up with us […]

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  • Home Cents With Nell 2 months ago

    Romeo and my dog might be cousins…lol. He's from a shelter, so I never knew his breed for sure. Anyway, I love this stackable planter idea. Wow!

  • Dhv Family 2 months ago

    Woo. Keep in touch, super like. Always full supported, best wishes for you. Thank you !!!!

  • Royal Amethyst Acres 2 months ago

    I'm ordering 2 cases from the Dollar Tree website! $36/case for 36 of them!! Great vid!!

  • Tambra Dugger 2 months ago

    Love it i got 36 iam doing 4 towers with 9 each for my strawberries

  • One Blessed Cupples 2 months ago

    Such a good idea!! I keep seeing a ton of ppl sharing this idea but I havnt seen them in any of my dollar trees yet I'm gon a keep my eyes out!!

  • Gardening Wise 2 months ago

    I am thinking to get that sort of planter for my strawberry plants. I think it would be awesome. I have got so many strawberry plants from last year and I think vertical gardening will be a good idea to save on space. Please visit my channel as I am going to post my video today.

  • Angela's Busy Bees Garden and Homestead 2 months ago

    The vertical planter is beautiful!

  • Salongirl Gardens 2 months ago

    Great video!!!!!

  • Stidham Family gospel 2 months ago

    Awesome Dupe!!
    Bless you all,

  • Team Benson 2 months ago

    Yay shoutout!!! I love it they look great I'm getting ready to plant mine tomorrow

  • Dan Permaculture Food Forest 2 months ago

    Cool spray bottle
    Very nice plant container
    Need to check my local dollar store
    Thank you

  • Simply Jan Homestead 2 months ago

    Awesome! I love this!

  • Sleepless In The Carolinas 2 months ago

    Very nice DT high-end dupe planter!