How do I fertilize my garden? Well, let me show you.
I usually try to fertilize every 7 days like the Mittleider Garden Plan teaches. It will really make the plants grow.
I don’t do everything like Mittleider teaches, but I’ve found that fertilizing every 7 days works best.

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Mittleider method. Raised beds or grow boxes – 18 inches wide, 30 foot length, wide paths between beds; Create artificial soil with sand, sawdust, etc; Use special Mittleider fertilizer mix weekly to feed plants (does this kill soil microbes?) Special low consupmtion watering techniques; Row or staggered row planting.

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But Dr. Mittleider has done just that. If the story could be told through the eyes of the Almighty I’m


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  • Formation1 Now

    Just found your channel through your food prepping videos…subscribed right away due to content, presentation, and that sweet Texas sound of your voice! I'm a transplanted Texan here in the Midwest and I sorely miss the sounds of Texas! Nice garden!

  • ManofInterests

    Man… it's amazing how good that woodchip-turned-soil stuff looks. Almost good enough to eat straight – vegetables not necessary! haha.

  • Ladybug Sarah

    I didn't think you could put that much that strong 13-13-13, that often …wow. I thought that would burn them up. Even during heat ?

  • ArkansasPrepper

    I love the fact in Arkansas I am about two to three week behind you on my garden. Your videos pop up just in time for me to do the same. Who needs a almanac when I got you….lol.

  • TexarkanaPrepper

    I don’t understand why people use the term “synthetic fertilizer” because nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are basic elements that make up fertilize. It doesn’t matter where it comes from manure, bonemeal, etc. it’s still N-P-K , a basic element the same ones on the periodic table. Element can’t be created nor destroyed, they have always existed, in different chemical compounds and the are chemicals processed to make fertilizer the same way a cow makes fertilizer through chemistry. Why have people coined the term synthetic fertilizer when it is the exact same 3 basic elements. If they want to label it with a correct term to make them feel good they could call it factory fertilizer, But the problem is with that term you would also be talking about organic fertilizer which is made in a factory and is still the exact same basic elements.

  • David

    I’m curious. You have had such success with the back to Eden Garden, who go with the synthetic fertilizer now? I’m not criticizing, just curious why the change?

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