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Learn all about how to grow a Hydroponic garden, and how it can save you money in todays video all about Hydroponics. In preparation for an upcoming podcast episode of Homesteady all about Hydroponics, Accountant Mike and I traveled to interview Jonathan Russo, a 17 year old who is saving his family hundreds of dollars each year on groceries, and earning money selling his produce and kits as a Hydroponic farmer. Jonathan started experimenting with Hydroponic gardening back in middle school. What started as a small hobby turned into much more. Jonathan started designing and building custom gardens for his own families suburban homestead. His hydroponic hobby led to him not only saving his family hundreds each year on their grocery bill, but also to Jonathan starting a business, helping others build and run Hydroponic gardens of their own. Today Jonathan shows us his deep water culture bed, and lets Accountant Mike plant a garden, something he has never done! Learn about Jonathan’s setup, how he is running a business, and saving his family money in todays episode of Homesteady. Contact Jonathan for a consultation, or to buy a Hydroponic Garden kit or system, at Video Rating: / 5 Hydroponic System | Grow Organic Plants Fast in Hydroponic Gardening ======================================================== Hydroponic System is the one of the alarming issue in the modern world. People want to get organic food rather than synthetic. Also they want to grow vegetables and plant in indoor system. And for this reason hydroponic system is the suitable system for them. Not only for these people but also anyone can practice this system to get an organic food. Since in this system you no need to use any soil so this system is light weight and long lasting. You have spent some money in the […]

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  • LILTRadio 2 weeks ago

    This is incredible!

  • deez noots 2 weeks ago

    mf cheesin so hard we all know he's got another setup in the basement where the real $$$ is at

  • J Oceans 2 weeks ago

    more practical info would be nice… nutrients, etc…

  • Austin Giesler 2 weeks ago

    Hey Austin, I'm wanting to get into homesteading but I'm not really sure how many acres to start with. I'm looking at about 30, how many do you have?

  • very cool thank you so much! haha I could go for the no dirt under my nails thing! LOL God Bless you and thanks, What did you use in your watering part of the box, looked like blue liquid Miracle Gro?

  • PaulineRoy Adair 2 weeks ago

    whats the numbers ??????????? DID THE numbers add up

  • MargoKW 2 weeks ago

    I'd love a much smaller version of this (maybe a 2×2 table). I see from the website that they only work with people nearby (don't blame them!), but I didn't see any kits or plans for sale. 🙁

  • Tyrone Finks 2 weeks ago

    Now if he can combine this with aquaculture, he will be the next pioneer in the future of the home gardening industry.

  • lineflyer1 2 weeks ago

    Except this has been done for years. I have table just like it. Easier way is buy a cheap plastic swimming pool for kids. Cut and lay styrofoam sheet to size, cut net pot holes and baaam your ready with no pumps needed( kratky method)