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Get your copy here: This video was inspired because of the popularity of my original 17 Free Vegetable Gardening Hacks video that came out back in February. Here are another 17 garden hacks that I use all the time and feature gardening tips and tricks that will help you from watering to composting. I really hope you find these garden hacks useful to help you grow your own food. Original 17 Brilliant Free Vegetable Gardening Hacks video: My Online Course ‘More Food Less Effort’: Follow me on Instagram: @huws_nursery My Facebook Page: My 1st Book (Veg in One Bed) My 2nd Book (Grow Food for Free) Want more videos? Support me on Patreon: #gardenhacks #organicgardening #vegetablegardening Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts17 Brilliant FREE Vegetable Gardening Hacks | More Food for Less Effort10 Ways to Make your Vegetable Garden More Productive in 2017…and Beyond!Recycling for the Garden: Upcycling Items for a More Productive Vegetable Garden7 Gardening Hacks with Plastic Bottles – Simple, Free and Effective!Vegetable Gardening: How to Plan a Highly Productive Garden#399: How to Use Advanced Gardening Techniques for a More Productive Garden [Charlie Nardozzi]

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  • karen C 1 month ago

    I put a lot of my weeds especially perennial and seeding, flowering weeds into a barrel of water with lid. Leave for a month or so. This creates a free plant food liquid (diluted) which a put back onto the garden. It’s a bit smelly though!

  • Aloel Cristal 1 month ago

    Compost tea is ready and should be used after 3 days. Longer than that it becomes a toxic brew full of pathogenic anaerobic microorganisms…

  • You can take the pallet and screw it inside your garage or shed. To one of the walls. It's what I did and it holds all my long handle tools and plant stakes.

  • Gilmourish Gilmourish 1 month ago

    Dandelion is not a weed sir!! Dandelion is full of good nutrients and edible from root to flower..quite disappointed you don’t know that.

  • the Wellness Channel 1 month ago

    Huw Richards rules!!!

  • Stephany Gates 1 month ago

    Grass here in the urban environment goes to seed before it’s cut. Seed heads on 2” stems. Evolution in action.

  • Melitta Mayer 1 month ago

    Schade das nicht in Deutsch vertont wurde

  • Geri Game 1 month ago

    Why do the plants need heat?

  • B. L.M USA 1 month ago

    I can see me putting stones and a jar of water around 40 tomato plants…NOT!

  • Karen Latham 1 month ago

    I've been tempted to ask my neighbors for vegetable scraps for my compost and worm tubs.
    We have a friend that goes and pulls things out of dumpsters to feed to his dogs sometimes they get me some greens and veggies for my worms. I need to do that more often.

  • Ronron RonRon 1 month ago

    My girlfriend never had dry periods.

  • Lorna Penn-Chester 1 month ago

    Anyone know what the protective mesh is called – to protect the brassicas?

  • Gill Pereira 1 month ago

    Wow you are brill great advice and I will look out for your book. X

  • Julia Hamilton 1 month ago

    Huw, thanks for talking about ‘dirty compost’. I often debated about what to do with yard waste and weeds instead of throwing them out or hauling them to the local landfill (I live in the US), so now I’m experimenting with putting it in a bin that can sit for a couple years before using it in planting holes.

  • Lil Punk ASMR 1 month ago

    Watching this now. We've learned more in roughly 30 minutes, between this video and the first 17 garden hacks, than we have in two years.
    Awesome info. You're a bucket full of information.

  • Tyrone Khan 1 month ago

    Really informative thanks…. happy gardening

  • Paul Roberts 1 month ago

    Ref the slug traps, water the wood first to make it nice and moist for them 🙂