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In this lesson you will learn about vegetable in my mum garden. – สวน garden, park – แตงกวา cucumber – ลูก classifier for fruit, vegetable (round) – เก็บ pick – ต้น classifier for tree – ต้นไม้ tree Follow Facebook : 👉 Visit Kroo Nun website 👉 Kroo Nun instagram 👉 This is the detail of “Speak Thai Easy” Speak Thai easy Co.,Ltd. by Kroo Nun Speak Thai Easy is a company specializing in teaching Thai to foreigners. We teach one-on-one in Bangkok and online via Skype. If you’re in Bangkok we can come to your office, meet you in a café or anywhere that’s convenient for you. If you are anywhere else in the world, simply open your computer and enjoy the convenience of learning online. Speak Thai Easy will not only make you’re life easier in Thailand but will enable you to enjoy a more fulfilling experience. You’ll become a part of the Thai community rather than being a casual bystander! Because we offer tailor-made, on-on-one Thai language courses, you can start with us at any level. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or studying Thai at an advanced level, we can help you. Learning Thai with us is not just about learning words , it’s about learning the Thai language , culture and lifestyle of the Thai people. Contact Kroo Nun : E-mail : Blog Skype : Speakthaieasy Tel : (+66) 098-246-7342, (+66) 085-087-1002 line ID : nunnetdao Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsThai Garden Design – How to Build Amazing Green Vertical Gardens in ThailandEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodVegetable Garden FAIL – What You Can Learn From My FailureHow to Grow a Vegetable Garden – Easy Tips for Beginners[Cute and Easy] Top 80 Small Vegetable Garden IdeasYour First Vegetable Garden […]

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  • juris veratti 4 months ago

    มะเขือ = eggplant but it doesn't look like eggplant that i know…big and dark purple vegetable.

  • alex i 4 months ago

    Very nice lesson!

  • clive edwards 4 months ago

    very good video, the presentation makes it easy to understand, especially the writing. Thankyou kruu Nun. from Clive

  • Rabbie Burns 4 months ago

    วิดีโอนี้ไม่ใหม่ใช่ไหมคุณครูนะ จำได้ว่าดูแล้ว

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  • Lynton Emerson 4 months ago

    Thanks Kruu nun interesting lesson I hope the mosquitoes didn’t bite you!

  • Jason Stallworth 4 months ago

    I love your lessons Kru Nun!

  • Spooky MGTOW 4 months ago

    Very nice video!! Hey Kroo Nun, do you cook? If so what thai dishes are your favorite to cook?