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Do you have a path of 20 feet in your yard? How would you like to have 1,600 strawberry plants growing there? A closed system will not waste water or fertilizer You can use an evaporative (swamp) cooler pump to raise the water up so it can cascade down on the strawberry roots This Google Sketchup design was inspired by a YouTube video I saw The link is here: This man built a strawberry tower with 4 inch, square vinyl tubing and put a pump in it to pump six feet Has 20 plants in a 1 sf footprint Uses an epoxy for that attaches round plant holders and a 3 inch net pot to the square vinyl tube Building a hydroponic vertical garden For subtitles, copy video URL and go to Paste the location Select language It’s on your computer Open location Open MS Word and have it open the .srt file You will see each spoken word at the precise location in the vidoe Thanks! You can download this video using the CLIQZ browser Brian D said: heres a guy who has done exactly the same thing Keywords: Strawberry (Food), hydroponic, towers, comedy, Plant (Organism Classification), Green, hydroponic systems, hydroponic design, Money making ideas, business, Funny, Garden, Parody, towers, gardening, garden, raised bed, Related PostsDIY Hydroponic Garden Tower – The ULTIMATE hydroponic system growing over 100 plants in 10 sq feetBEST HYDROPONIC SYSTEM – The ULTIMATE hydroponic system growing over 100 plants in 10 sq feet36 Strawberry Plants – Vertically! 7 FT Tall Strawberry WallDIY Hydroponic Garden Tower The ULTIMATE hydroponic system growing over 100 plants in 10 sq feetLearn about Plants | Easy Learning for Children | Nursery Rhymes | Preschool | Kids | KindergartenBiogarden – Organic Hydroponics. 250 Tomatoes in 12 Square Feet!

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  • Brian D 1 year ago

    mate have built a few systems like the one you are proposing the problem i found was with spacing between plants less then 8 inchs the root mass blocked the drainage of the nutrient solution and u end up with a flood of water out of the top couple of planting holes. having all those plants so close to gather equals 1 very root blocked pipe. space them adequately and this system works a treat.

  • GW2 MacKen 1 year ago

    Take a sniff lol. Pink panties smell like strawberries? I take a few.

  • Herman Brümmer 1 year ago

    I saw this video a couple of years back, and am wondering if anybody has actually tried this out? Surely this person who has implemented this would be a zillionaire by now? Seems like a really awesome idea. The thing that worries me is the spacing, these seem to be too close together?

  • Herman Brümmer 1 year ago

    Great Vid! How often can you harvest and how long do they take to grow?

  • Junior Crosby 1 year ago

    hi I am from T&T can strawberry grow heir

  • john harker 1 year ago

    I can't stop laughing. This guy is a riot.

  • Abdolah Jafarian 1 year ago

    wow.thats the smart way to farm.thanks for tips

  • Jonathan Evans 1 year ago

    "Jesus helps those who help themselves" is nowhere in the Bible so your rant on Jesus is completely baseless. "Jesus saves" refers to being able to spend an eternity with God instead of being eternally separated from him. If your religion is everything came from a "quantum fluctuation" that needs a fixed law of gravity that requires mass to work then that is up to you.

  • Sam Williams 1 year ago

    if you removed every second one this might work.

    as a hydroponic technician i have to tell you that the likelyhood of this producing good fruit is very little.
    also you 2m measurments dont factor the tank or filters.

    Test these things before you say you can grow 1600 plants in such a small space.

  • Josephine Balde 1 year ago

    can i do aquaponics with this

  • Sharon Hobbs 1 year ago

    erm you do know that Baking Soda will kill the host as well as the cancer you refer to? if you have enough concentration to kill cancer it will kill YOU!! facts help.

  • albonyo 1 year ago

    hows this going for you so far?

  • 0komi 1 year ago

    this made laugh. really good video.

  • faniefaze 1 year ago

    Very optimistic person… after the "friend" part I was wondering if I have to put money in somewhere to listen further, but you're right, friends are those that loan your tools and other stuff so they save by not buying their own. That is how you know who your friends are… and if you have any !
    And there's not such thing as a "swift" (mono) sailboat, except when it is running onto some rocks, that it does very swiftly, and not just in the tropics…
    Think I enjoyed the jesus part the most, with strawberries so +1 for that 😉 For the real optimists, the pope recently announced that jesus is not coming back, with or without strawberries. They are now looking through their suitably named lucifer telescope for aliens, probably worried another than them self will arrive first. I can hear the pope saying to that first alien stepping off "jesus, you're an ugly mf"…
    Maybe we can have bets on which arrive first, some good or more bad aliens, and beat the financial crisis that way. I say any change will be an improvement 😉

  • Ruben Borges 1 year ago


  • KiwiGirl W 1 year ago


  • Be aware 1 year ago

    U have very unique way of conveying information; its very informative, funny and a bit philosophical at the same time!

  • itsadeadmansparty 1 year ago

    Great Video

  • dev bachu 1 year ago

    i afree with you guy so true