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1. Wind energy has a drawback that it is not a constant energy source. 2. Involves high upfront capital investment. 3. Threat to Wildlife 4. Wind Turbines Kill Birds. 5. Noisy 6. Remoteness of location:  Offshore wind turbines require boats and can be dangerous to manage. 7. How wind turbines look (aesthetics) is a legitimate concern for some people. 8. Not a profitable use of land. 9. Suited To Particular Region 10. The Energy Density of Wind Is Low. 11. Wind is Unpredictable 12. Safety at Sea: In the darkness/at night it may be difficult for incoming boats to see wind turbines thus leading to collisions. 14. Turbines Interfere With the Reception of Televisions 15. Storage Issues: Going along with the point of turbines being inefficient, they are unable to store converted energy in large amounts. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAdvantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy That are Worth NoticingWind Energy DisadvantagesWindmills, Wind Turbines: “Wind: An Energy Alternative” 1980 Department of Energy 13minPopular Energy & Wind videosWIND POWER ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGESPros and Cons of Wind Power

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