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Get Your Free Life Mastery Toolkit: In this video Stefan shares his experience of completing a 15 days juice fast based off the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead with Joe Cross. He also shares his experience doing the 15 day reboot juice cleanse from the Reboot With Joe website. “I just finished this juice cleanse two days ago and I’ve been feeling amazing ever since. If you’re watching this video and you’re considering doing a juice fast or a juice cleanse then I highly recommend that you just do it. The benefits you get from it are pretty amazing in terms of your happiness levels, your mood, getting rid of cravings and your energy just go through the roof. If you’re sick and you have different ailments and stuffs–how your body just will heal itself and recover from that.” To learn more about Joe Cross and a reboot juice cleanse, then check out the Reboot With Joe website and his Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead documentary: To learn more about my 15 day juice fast, click the link below to visit the blog post. ★☆★ VIEW THE BLOG POST: ★☆★ ★☆★ SUBSCRIBE TO ME ON YOUTUBE: ★☆★ ★☆★ FOLLOW ME BELOW: ★☆★ Blog: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Podcast: ★☆★ MY BOOKS & PRODUCTS: ★☆★ Kindle Money Mastery: 24 Hour Book: Life Mastery Book: Kindle Marketing Secrets: ★☆★ RECOMMENDED RESOURCES: ★☆★ Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsRoof Truss || Dead Load || Live Load || Wind Load Calculations part – 1Arizona Aquatic Gardens delivers ***DEAD FISH***ALERT! La Salle Nuclear Plant Nearly Took Out Chicago!Students Sick With One Hospitalized After Eating Mushrooms from School GardenRegrow Lost Hair in 10 Days from the Roots Guaranteed – No hair […]

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  • Marsha Rhnee 1 year ago

    Hi My name is Marsha. I am so inspired by both your video and Joe Cross. I went to the doctor last week and was told I was 394 lbs. I am so devastated. I actually want to just die. I have struggles so long with my weight. I actually had gastric bypass in 2003. Please continue to share your story. It is really helping to motivate me. Thank you

  • Lucas McCarthy 1 year ago

    I agree, I watched the documentary and it inspired me, not necessary to juice, but to change my diet completely and start working out again, but I do think that juicing is a very great way to heal the body. The truck driver part is, to me, the best part of the doc.

  • beebop shopbop 1 year ago

    Please tell me you have a Kobe 24 jersey next to the Jordan on the right? Also I was diagnosed with narcolepsy in January 2017. I was thinking life was over in December but once diagnosed I've been on xyrem and it has changed my life for the better. I've recently fully switched to a Whole Foods plant based diet and I'm feeling the benefits. I've been working out and loosing weight and now I'm about to do a juice fast for the next 3 days. I may go longer and I think I should. We will see. I may document it and make some videos. I love this stuff. Nutrition is exciting and I would love to go back to school to become a nutritionist. Would love to help my fellow veterans st the local va to get healthy using organic plant based diets.

  • valerie love 1 year ago

    me & my husband are gonna do this we are going to Cuba for our honeymoon in 30 days so were gonna try 20 days along with vegan protein 🙂

  • TRUMP GOD Tube 1 year ago

    Thousands of years ago ago……. dinosaurs haaa

  • Nhi Ly 1 year ago

    Please make videos about your juice recipe. There are many sugary juice recipe out there that I dont wanna use in my juice cleanse

  • Captain Heinie 1 year ago

    Excellent information. Thank you. Greetings to all, from the UK.

  • Brian Bagby 1 year ago

    I'm on day 5 of juicing MEAN GREEN…and eating raw. I've NEVER felt better.. I won't go back to eating any animal based proteins. It's that awesome.

  • Frances Flores 1 year ago

    Detailed information much appreciated. Great video, inspiring.

  • John Mode 1 year ago

    Can I make like two or three days worth of juice and store it in my fridge without it going bad?

  • Randy Morgan 1 year ago

    is there anywhere that has a guide to how many fruits and veggies I need to buy and eat per meal. or something with recipes?

  • Enemerio Galvan 1 year ago

    well said!!

  • Ghana Mafia 1 year ago

    Damn….this guy is really sexy.

  • B Stanton 1 year ago

    Hey great video Stefan. Thanks for really going into the detail. I like to see more information coming out showing the science behind it as well. Keep it up!

  • Mike F. 1 year ago

    I like your video. I myself am on day 10 of my juice fast. I just wanted to correct 1 thing you said. At 6:12 of your video you say Joe lost over 100 pounds in 60 days. The movie (which inspired the heck outta me too) says that on day 61, when he's going up in the hot air balloon that his weight loss at that point was 82 pounds.

  • Mama Fylees 1 year ago

    wanted to know how much weight you lost in those 15 days

  • Veronica I 1 year ago

    Hi I'm on my 2nd day but I had green tea yesterday and today because I have a huge addiction to caffeine and if I'm not awake I'll probably get fired from my job. Is this really terrible?

  • chigirl2028 1 year ago

    I'm on day 3 and it's pretty HARD. I sit down and watch videos like these to keep me motivated. Thank you for posting this, it really helps!

  • Pt Leshoure 1 year ago

    Can I continue to take hair vitamins on this cleanse? Thank you I enjoyed this video. I have done cleansing and fasting in the past, but that was a long while ago. I now want to lose between 25-30 pounds, and just want to feel better in my body. I will give an update in the near future.

  • Indigoivy 1 year ago

    Very motivational thank you. Im only on day 3 but after altering the reboot slightly to suit me ( smoothie with chia, baobab powder and coconut milk first thing) i feel i can continue for much longer this time. I watch videos like yours to keep me focused so thank you 🙂 Here's to cleansing and staying healthy.