Added by on 2017-10-18 We visit 13-year old Rikalize Reinecke’s aquaculture and aquaponics business in Kameelfontein near Cullinan, north of Pretoria. Over the last two years she has managed to turn this hobby into a successful business, which is one of the four biggest of its kind in the country. Video Rating: / 5 This video describes the key components of an aquaponics system. This video is complimentary to A Time Lapse and Real Time View of an Aquaponics System Build. If you like this video please subscribe to this channel and give a like. For a list of the materials used on this build, please go to the web-site mentioned at the end of his video. Related PostsAquaponics Rocks ( Growing Medium ) Wash Install Plant – $40 Aquaponics – Barrelponics Made EasyBusiness Daily _ Shrimp farming in the desertSuccessful Garden DesignPolyhouse hydroponic farming business procedure to get 18 lakh rupees subsidyPolyhouse hydroponic gerbera farming business profit lakhs rupees5 P’s of Successful Vegetable Gardening

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  • Greg Cxox 10 months ago

    Anyone really think a 13 has the cash flow yo start a business

  • SMERKUZHEO G 10 months ago


  • Ryanater 10 months ago

    Yeah i'm an aquarist an those fish are in horrible conditons, I can just see stress and many diseses like dropsy and parasites. I'm sure she has no idea what the nitrogen cycle is. She needs to get shut down

  • Joseph Hatfield 10 months ago


  • gusy629 10 months ago

    Good on you, girl.

  • Jawad Naseef 10 months ago

    I am really impressed !! good job really

  • Scott Vincent 10 months ago

    You are my hero, keep up the great work

  • mewow 2010 10 months ago

    if you are having temperature problems try burying the tanks in the ground and let the earth regulate it for you. ground temperature is very stable. good luck

  • Glebiys LA 10 months ago

    Aquaponics are not profitable, period.

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  • ridho ramadhan 10 months ago

    was the intro hayley williams voice?

  • Rob May 10 months ago

    She's such a wonderful young mind and he's a loving supportive father.

  • makeit happen 10 months ago

    SMART marketing DAD! Say its your 13-year-old daughter's business

  • Adrian Brent 10 months ago

    ow my gosh…..clean your tanks africa.

  • Daggah 10 months ago

    I love this!

  • Ashere Joseph 10 months ago

    If you is interested in aquaponics the greatest results that i've had was by following the Keiths Ponics Site (just google it) definately the most helpful course that I have ever tried.

  • Fishan Chips 10 months ago

    I did this for my school's ms science fair, won 2nd place.

  • Honest Jaya 10 months ago

    Honest media

  • Conqwiztadore22 10 months ago

    Watch out for the negros! With machetes!

  • ivan pap 10 months ago

    Great idea!

  • rafaelsuareznyc 10 months ago

    You misspelled AQUAPONICS on the title; this will likely result in fewer hits when people search for that keyword. You might want to edit that. Cheers.