13 simple and effective front garden ideas

Your front garden or front yard garden is the first thing people see when they come to your home. And the front garden is usually small, so you don’t need much time, money or energy to surprise you. The technique of creating a beautiful front garden makes coming home more enjoyable-and can even add value to your house. Garden designer Posy Gentles: Some gardens, including mine and Posy Gentles, are also open to Faversham on the last Sunday in June. Open Garden and Garden Market Day: #frontgardens #gardening #backyard NGS open gardens include Philip Oostenbrink in Ash Kent Gardens, Pheasant Farms in Oare and Posy Gentles in Faversham. Please see the video to learn more about Posy Gentles Garden: For Frank Gallery, Whitstable Contact: For garden ideas, gardening techniques and inspiration for your garden, please subscribe to the “Medium Garden” YouTube channel: Medium Garden Upload a garden tour of the private garden, gardening advice and interviews with professional gardeners once a week. If your garden is less than an acre, please join us and enjoy your garden! To purchase my favorite garden books, tools and products, please visit the Amazon Medium Garden Store: Please note that the link to Amazon is membership, which means I can pay a small fee for eligible purchases, but this does not affect The price you paid. And I will only recommend things that I really think you will like! For small and medium backyards and gardens.


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  • Margaret Edet

    Love love your ideas for the front garden. Any ideas about best plants for an gravel front garden l inherited from previous owner.

  • Mj Seifried

    Greeting from the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania, USA. I would like a video on planting a front garden for privacy and low maintenance i.e. no lawn mowing. I can't have a fence or hedges along the public road because of snow plowing. I would enjoy a closer look at your front garden as well.

  • Becca Giessing

    What area the best floral colors when your home is white with black accents? Love the blue and yellow contrast, but white doesn’t contrast well as there’s few black plants

  • Renee Harrell

    Nice ideas! Beautiful! The bees near the front entrance door will just come inside the house when the door opens and I will run away, lol…

  • Trevor Langhm

    Wow-no messing straight into jam packed information- Need to replay with notebook.Starting on my front which at the moment is a glorious CAR PARK! This video will prove invaluable'-

  • Vera Cassidy

    I felt as though I was being chased through this video….perhaps slow down your delivery a bit as the ultra fast speech sounds very aggressive and intimidating sorry

  • Kay Truran

    I love these videos thank you. I wonder if you can do one on how to make my front garden more private with a shared driveway and neighbours directly opposite. Thank you

  • AuntFanny

    This is super. I am about to redesign my front garden after a motorist crashed through my hedge and gate last weekend! I am looking at it as an opportunity rather than a disaster. This has fixed several ideas in my mind. Well done and thank you, as ever.

  • Botanical Treasures

    How welcoming! Love the torch lilies. I certainly believe in tip #11. Using pots is so convenient for changing the look quickly to be seasonal or just because we want to. We often start a plant in a pot to make sure it "takes." Once it is bigger we put it somewhere in our local landscape. Just did that with a Japanese maple tree. Now it is miniature roses. Before that it was Northern Sea Oats. Musical pots are so fun to do!

  • Ronan O'Brien

    I think your videos are excellent. Perfect for amateurs like me that enjoy pulling and planting my mid sized garden in N. Lincs that I have been the custodian of since I moved here from London 15 years ago. I have subscribed and look forward to more of the same tips, advice and opinion. Thank you.

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