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13 Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden Ideas Soda Bottle Garden is way you can use plastic bottles to make something amazing out of them. Repurpose those old bottles, which you usually throw away to grow your favorite plants either indoor or outdoor and help to save our environment. Here are 13 inspiring plastic bottle vertical garden ideas to make a vertical soda bottle garden. 1. Window Farm If you love DIY ideas and you have a green thumb then starting a windowfarm is a smart idea. A windowfarm will let you do a lot with the little amount of space you have. The indoor windowfarms allows the crops to take full advantage of the light and vertical space available at the windows. Here in this PDF, you will find all the instructions on how to build a Window Farm. 2. Plastic Bottles on Walls Follow this amazing idea for growing small leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, fenugreek and spinach, herbs and medicinal plants. This plastic bottle vertical garden is made of by stringing the bottles horizontally in a grid along an interior wall, which then filled up by substrate and herbs. 3. Plastic Bottle Tower Garden A remarkable kitchen garden with plastic bottles with minimal means and efforts. It can be set up easily and does not require regular watering. Here is the tutorial with more images of it. 4. Growing Cactus in Hanging Plastic Bottles Do you want to create a low maintenance vertical soda bottle garden? Follow this idea. All that is required is bottles cut in half, cactus plants or succulents, and many colorful threads to get a really cool decorative effect. Here is the complete tutorial. 5. Half Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden on Wooden Frame Use two-liter soda bottles, cut them in half and use the neck […]

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