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Foliage needn’t be an afterthought. Follow these tips to make plants the stars of the room 1. Give them a lift, give a houseplant prominence and pride of place with a taller-than-expected pot that’s elegant without calling too much attention to itself. 2. Create your own conservatory, the plant choice is great—a fiddleleaf fig is one of the largest plants you can get to grow in only a modest sizedpot, making it a perfect fit for a tight spot. 3. Merge indoor with out, pots carry a contemporary thread from indoors to out 4. Let them help you unwind, floppy, broad-leafed houseplants in each corner add to the casual appeal of this room filled with mismatched fabrics and ad hoc artwork 5. Curate a cactus collection, find new use for an old fish aquarium by using it to hold your own houseplant collection. The rusted legs and frame’s patina go perfectly with rustic terra cotta planters 6. Take it up a notch, hanging-plant-kitchen,This kitchen might be compact, but the tall ceilings make for a great opportunity to take advantage of vertical space. Hung from a brass hook, this trailing lipstick plant (Aeschynanthus ‘Rasta’) softens the minimalist kitchen 7. Make the stairs way more fun, adding life to an otherwise empty stairwell, Adding life to an otherwise empty stairwell, 8. Add some desert to your style, keeping all plantings in white pottery plays up the homeowner and designer’s minimalist intentions, despite being a bona fide plant 9. Plant in a pocket, create a garden on a bare wall with a felt planting pocket. Here, a Wally One from Woolly Pocket explodes with houseplant foliage, including a striped bromeliad, 10. Make them the star, one giant Euphorbia ingens variegata—also known as a candelabra tree—stands tall in this living room 11. Mount them […]

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