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So you have finally realized you are sick of being sick and tired and want to be happier and healthier? Good for you. Now that you are ready to get real about your well being and grow your own food, there are some criteria to meet to make your life a lot easier. I have put together a list of elements and areas that will help you reach your desired results. And remember… If you want to change a system, you cannot be dependent upon it. Obviously you will need to design your space and garden beds first, but this is list is the essentials to growing your own food and replacing your need for most of the grocery and pharmacy. Click here to download the checklist View all tips, course dates, and latest updates: Catch up with us on Facebook – We post tons of great info and inspiration! See what we are pinning: Let’s connect on Instagram: Local in Texas and want to meetup? North Texas Permaculture Plano, TX 808 Permaculturists Powerful, Knowledgeable, Meaningful Connections!Group’s mission is to bring together like minded people who are into working with nature to build a powerfully connected commu… Check out this Meetup Group → WE LOVE YOU – THANKS SO MUCH FOR WATCHING! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrowing Your Own Food Indoors – BBC Click'No Rules' Vegetable Gardening | A Different Way of Growing Food | An IntroductionFarmers in the Netherlands are growing more food using less resources | Pioneers for Our PlanetGrowing Organic Food with Garden Towers: Clark's Family Homestead in Brown County, Indiana10 Tips to Maximise Food Production in a Small Vegetable Garden | Small Scale Veg Growing #1Turn Your Gardening Hobby into a Job & Work from Home Growing Food

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  • shield707 1 month ago

    High or not…Dude knows his chit…

  • Michael Taiwan 1 month ago

    Grow your own food during CCP virus Coronavirus crisis!!!

  • Sunshine Wildfire 1 month ago

    Inspiring and insightful! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. When one learns to live this way, it is a gift that keeps on giving…. to the kids and in our case, the grandkids!

  • Kemal Nuru 1 month ago

    Thanx a million. Love ur tone of voice.

  • SICK CHOPPERS 1 month ago

    hardest aprt for us is maintaining even moisture in TN…all over melons got black from uneven moisuture

  • Luz de Luna 1 month ago

    Awesome information ℹ️

  • Pcmaximo Games 1 month ago

    What a great video!

  • Nand Sall 1 month ago

    high as a kite

  • Dalma Mirabal 1 month ago

    how can you take this guy seriously? high as a kite…

  • leftfoot moreright 1 month ago

    love it, how high is this guy?

  • Ahmad Boniface 1 month ago

    A visit to the local barber would be highly recommended, Sir…My 2cents

  • Glenda Taylor 1 month ago

    Can you please tell me the name of the yellow flowers seen at 2:05?

  • EcoCentric Homestead 1 month ago

    "Sheet mulch garden". Ahhh, that's a good term! I hated the " back to Eden " name.

  • GreenFriendlyHome 1 month ago

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  • Imani Eugene 1 month ago

    Here at 20k

  • Lynn Lamont 1 month ago

    If you have grapes you can eat fresh, make juice, jelly, wine. You can also preserve grape leaves for making stiffed grape leaves. If you have a seeded grape and an oil press, you can make grape seed oil.

  • Abdullah Jan 1 month ago

    What are the support and companion plants

  • Janette Lavender 1 month ago

    I have several large old weathered galvanized wash tubs where rain runs off the roof. I use rain barrels too but I love the easy access to the tubs. They look nice as well giving the garden a vintage vibe. I keep a couple of watering cans and various galvanized buckets close to the tubs for an efficient quick draw of water for the plants that need it. The reflection of the water looks great and draws dragonflies etc in for a drink. Love all of your videos. This one especially.