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MY BOOK BUY HERE – More details on my website- Getting the new roof on this house has been a huge project, so many steps had to be completed to have it done……but it’s done. That’s how projects go, they seem like they will never end and then all of a sudden they are. After my part in working on the roof, I ended up hiring out the rest of the job to a roofer. It was simple, just nailing down shingles, but it was good “practice” for me to let someone else take over once in a while. The results were great in my opinion. The job took them only 2 hours to complete. While I did spend some time watching them install the shingles, I was able to work inside wiring up the new electrical into the panel. My goal is to sell or rent this house, not to work on it forever. So taking this step towards a more hands-off approach was big for me. The next hired job will be…..drywall I think, maybe insulation. I’ll also have some HVAC guys come in and hook up the heat pump. Instagram- Facebook- My website- If you are one of the readers of my new book, please take the time to head over to Amazon to leave a review. Thank you! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsShipping container house – Green roofSelf build round wooden house. Wool insulation, grass roof, rainwater harvesting.[Electro House] DJ Hydroponic X5 : Lets Get StartedBaltimore MD roofer historic house roof replacement in Relay MDWhat Color Roof Goes With A Brown House?Roof Garden – Container Gardening in Rooftop and Urban farming Benefits in House Roof


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  • Matt Carroll 10 months ago

    I appriciate you producing these videos. I hope that even if you don't hit your 100k subs mark by the time you are done with this project you continue to make the videos on your next

  • august 10 months ago

    Best thing you did in my opinion is extend/make those beautiful overhangs and for the labor on the shingles, you would be crazy NOT to let them do it !! Great house and great decisions !!

  • formerly 987946216430 10 months ago

    The shingles around the bathroom vent will probably seal itself down once the weather gets warmer anyway. Great episode, Cheers from PEI Canada, Bryan

  • Foreman cr 10 months ago

    I have built houses from scat in the past and the longer that you spend on working on a house the more money will be consumed. I realize that there is a lot of money to be made by not hiring others to do the work yourself. There is that balance that you have to measure. Holding onto a house involves paying property taxes and electric bills whereby a lot more money can be made by volume turnover of houses. You have to remember that balancing is alway there. One other thing: Great job!!!!

  • Jack Full 10 months ago

    The roofers didn't put putty on the nails on ur caps

  • redsoxfan 10 months ago

    Smart move. Can’t beat the price. Top quality architectural shingles done by pros. Check this task off as done right and move on.

  • Eduardo Martin Salaverri 10 months ago

    just do it. i'm loving it. Good job!!!

  • diacsn 10 months ago

    Isnt it quite easy for Water to get inside your Roof through the Ridgevent when its a little windy?

  • Mz Chakolyt 10 months ago

    This is extremely fascinating. I enjoy watching this series.

  • Sunny Plains 10 months ago

    I liked your advice at the end , about just get going. And good things will start to happen.

  • Shawn Vandenabeele 10 months ago

    As a contractor, love the videos and the roofers did awesome straight rows pretty awesome. so hard to find guys who have pride,its looking awesome keep sharing please and thank yoy so informative.godbless.

  • Voice of Reason 10 months ago

    5:15 I love your videos, but I'm thinking you're maybe not so good at math? Also, if you live in an area where you get any wind at all, those guys nailed those shingles all wrong. They weren't nailing through the later underneath. Same when they did the ridge. If you can straighten out your math errors, you should next go ask for your money back.
    Edit: oh boy, the more I watch, the more I cringe. Whoever those roofers are, they took your money, and left you with a mess. There's no way that roof would ever pass inspection.

  • Stephen Twillmann 10 months ago

    Little late now, but why didn't you put a tin roof on the house. Cheaper, no special tools required, and can be done by one person. Not to mention it will out last a regular roof by 60 years. Just some thought for future projects

  • ben tovey 10 months ago

    I really like this dude. Gives me inspiration, from the UK thumbs up.

  • Kuba Stachu 10 months ago

    He hasn't finished a project yet, makes huge lot of rookie mistakes, gets followers probably wishing him luck and wanting to see how he develops, yet he already sells an e-book. Really?

  • soshotout shot 10 months ago

    Why lay ark like 3 tab

  • The Media Is Cancer 10 months ago

    I know one thing…there are some sorry roofers out there. They can put on a beautiful roof that will leak in less than a year.

    Not saying your guys are those types of roofers. Just saying there are some sorry ones out there.

  • Mike Tabar 10 months ago

    I bet the neighbors are glad you are fixin up the place. I am riveted to this series. Looking forward to the next video.

  • Der Siedler 10 months ago

    Would you mind telling me the measures of the little house? ':D