12 “narrow garden” design tips and ideas

These smart garden design ideas, tips and tricks will make your narrow backyard garden look wider (more beautiful). Urban gardens are often long and thin. Even country gardens may be short and narrow. These 12 real gardens show you what you can achieve by following some simple garden design and landscaping principles. Successful gardening starts with good garden design! On the Faversham Open Garden and Garden Market Day held on the last Sunday of June every year, some gardens are open once a year. Here, there is some more information about Faversham’s slender town gardens: some gardens are also open every year in Whitstable through NGS. Check the date on the NGS website. You can also read more about Whitstable Gardens here: Here: Find out more about Francine Raymond’s yellow and gray gardens on her blog: Subscribe to the “Medium Garden” YouTube channel: here Subscribe to the “Medium Garden” blog: Chat in the “Medium Garden” on Twitter or Facebook: and find more beautiful garden ideas on the “Medium Garden Pinterest” page:.


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  • Ash

    Wow Alexandra – what a find! Clear simple, well-explained, and even though I think I'm a keen gardening reader, these tips are genuinely new and myth-busting. I am about to move to central London – to a city garden after having spent my life in the countryside, so I was worried about how to handle my ridiculously tiny garden and was planning to get a designer in, but just maybe I now have the confidence to have a go myself..?

  • Maria palmer

    Am about to move , and take on a loooong , narrow garden . Will definitely watch this again before doing anything . Great channel.

  • alandesignstudio

    Thank you I am new small cottage house in New York City,, use to live in high rise building in Manhattan,, your design idea is what I love to do thanks

  • Colin Cruickshanks

    Thankyou for yet another inspirational video. I'd enjoy a Middle Size Garden Vlog on how to go about the clever use of mirrors (safe plastic) in order to deceive the mind's eye from reality to a perception of greater spatial expanse.

    Still largely more disregarded, perhaps rather more challenging, however in the end considerable fun, would be to make a Middle Size Garden short feature devoted to the garden revival and engagement of the delightful quirky mural art of Trompe-l'oeil.

  • Rachel Howard

    Really enjoy these kind of blogs, i am always looking for inspiration , cottage gardens are my favourites and looking round other peoples gardens for ideas,

  • mzurilove

    Really enjoying your content! On a dry day I take my laptop outside and play my youtube gardening playlist for company whilst I am weeding or pottering around, great company thank you! London or city gardens can be so creative abd size variant. So many ideas.. I am focusing on creating a four season garden. Please keep up the good work!

  • Political Twinkie

    I simply appreciate your presentation.  So often such videos show million dollar gardens with music, and that's nice, but as I work in my garden I am looking for practical ideas, as in this case, for specific areas that I don't know what to do with them. Thank you for the inspiration and ideas.

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