Want to make that perfect burger patty right at home? Then these burger pressers will get the job done for you.

1. Spikomat Burger Press http://goo.gl/Ig9T5M
2. Sirman Manual Burger Patty Press https://goo.gl/CdtTkO
3. Burger Stomper http://goo.gl/gWQJ49
4. Zyliss Burger Press https://goo.gl/dfJYdt
5. Andrew James 3 in 1 Burger Press https://goo.gl/obJCcQ
6. Kitchpro Stuffed Burger Press http://goo.gl/iIY4dg
7. Andrew James Burger Press https://goo.gl/ogoL3a
8. Lakeland Stuffed Burger Press http://goo.gl/1xdHfa
9. Perfect Burger Patty https://goo.gl/WSXClx
10. Webstaurant Burger Patty Press http://goo.gl/uBQixK
11. Progressive Perfect Burger Press https://goo.gl/1boZdf
12. Weber Original Burger Press https://goo.gl/w9PLHv
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12 Most Amazingly Useful Burger Patty Pressers For Your Kitchen

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