12 garden styles-garden design ideas for backyard renovation

Whether you are planning a garden renovation, creating a new garden from scratch or just buying some new garden furniture, you can find your garden style here. It can stop you from making expensive mistakes and can help you create a garden you really like. 0:00 Introduction 1:09 Cottage Garden Style-How to Realize Cottage Garden Style 2:34 Traditional Garden Style-Enjoy More Landscape Gardening Tips of Bath Priory Hotel in Autumn: 3:32 Formal Garden Style-See Shrubs Cong to create pruning and pruning Roy Strong (Roy Strong) to create small formal gardens: (please pay attention to the subordinate links, see below) 4:20 English country garden style-what it is and how to achieve: and how to achieve amazing Flower Border: And Doddington Square Garden: 5:57 Gardens inspired by your house architecture 7:01 Outdoor rooms or urban/urban gardens-see urban garden tips and 12 ideas for stunning urban gardens Tip: See also Dan Cooper’s outdoor kitchen and tips on how to create an entertaining garden: Dan Cooper’s “Frustrated Gardener” blog: 8:36 Contemporary or Modern Gardens. See RHS Chelsea Flower Show’s small garden design inspiration: BBC Gardener World Live Your Garden Ideas: How to Create a Contemporary Garden on a Budget: 9:28 Dry Garden Style-How to Create a Dry Garden: Garden Inspiration from Two Aspects Private Garden : 10:34 Coastal Garden Style-18 Excellent Coastal Garden Plants: How to Make a Shell Garden Path: National Garden Plan: 11:56 Exotic/Tropical Garden Style: How to Plant a Mermaid: How to Plant a Dahlia: Steve Edney and Lou Dowle in Kent Tropical Garden: 13:18 Wildlife Garden Style: Relaxing Wildlife Gardening Skills: 14:27 Japanese Garden Style: Monty Don’s Japanese Garden For garden ideas, gardening suggestions, garden design and garden beautification ideas, please subscribe and turn The Medium Garden YouTube channel here: Whether you like English garden style, bungalow garden or modern urban gardening, Medium Garden can provide you with gardening advice and garden ideas. The weekly videos cover gardening advice and garden design-from small space gardens to medium garden landscaping-as well as garden tours and container gardening tips. The medium-sized garden implements sustainability, wild animal and plant gardening and no-tillage. If your garden backyard is less than an acre, please join us and enjoy your garden! The “Complete Guide to Medium-Sized Garden Garden Privacy” is available in Kindle or paperback editions (English only) in 13 countries/regions. If you want to make your garden more private, please click here for availability in your country: #gardening #gardendesign #backyardgarden Information about small and medium backyards and gardens… The link to Amazon is membership, which means I can pay a small fee for eligible purchases. It does not affect the price you pay, I only recommend what I use or really think you want! More garden ideas on Pinterest: Twitter: Facebook:.


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  • Lorna Wright

    Well, I learned from this that I am creating an English Country middle sized garden. I'd not really thought about it before, so it's useful for me to know this as I can now explore it further for more inspiration, as my fairly new garden develops. It was stripped bare from an overgrown bind weed covered wilderness when I brought the property. I've had to start from scratch. This year it will be in its second season. Thank you. Really excellent and articulate overview of 12 styles in a very short amount of time. Very informative.

  • Loreta Gema Photography

    Discovered your channel not long ago. Love your style of presentation, how well you define things, and generally – the text is so good, so precise, readily convertible into a book! 🙂

  • NatureShy

    Rock gardens, native gardens, and alpine gardens, some of my absolute favorites. And they can have a lot of overlap, like a native alpine rock garden.

  • Sibhs Kirk

    Our garden is quite large, overwhelming so. We have a long way to go but I love the idea of creating’ ‘rooms’. This will help me to work on one room at a time.

  • S.M. Elder

    My favorite style, learned from these videos, is a small cottage garden where every plant is known individually and something I love.

  • my comment

    Why would you look for inspiration and re-do what everybody else has already been doing for centuries? Gardening is about creativity and invention, it's about learning something new every day. All these visual styles were developed in a time when people had enough money and time to dominate nature – while gardening in the 21th Century could be about our intellectual ideas and relationship towards art and nature. I think, we have grown out of this old upper class idea of the domination of nature (as it is reflected in all these old styles), we vote green, we think about climate change and mass *extinction*..

    This is what drives people to become interested in gardening nowadays…

    Maybe, a garden could be about keeping alive rare species from specialised nurseries, it could be about wild plants and not decorative aspects. How even about not treating plants as decorative objects but as living species, characters and individuals? 

    A garden for the 21th century could be about drought and lack of water as well. Everybody has seen the wild fires in the US.. 

    Or, just think of a vegan kitchen garden – it could be a paradise, with the best seeds directly imported from Italy for the gourmet supper combinded with wild grasses .. and spaces to relax… because you don't have to cut an English lawn anymore.. 

    Well, gardening can be many things and it will almost certainly be about our thoughtful relationship towards nature and the anthroposcene…because that's what our life is about as well.

  • Carole H

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom; I am new to your channel and finding useful pearls everywhere. I especially appreciate you taking the time to add other links within each style so that we can dive deeper into the style we are leaning.

  • A Beast Of A God

    Very informative and all such beautiful gardens. It's winter as I write this but I purchased a new garden shovel as I wait for spring.

  • Feeonagh Chambers

    WOW! This is such a wonderfully informative video. Really well put together and covers so much ground- one to be watched over & over again. Thank you Alexandra.

  • Damian Morse

    Great video Alexandra – thankyou – I'm in Somerset & I have a sub-tropical garden with Phormiums, Choisyas, Yuccas, a Cordyline, Sages, Hebe's & Dhalias etc.

  • Yali's Community

    I learned I am a mix between cottage garden, English county and formal. I just love them all! Thanks for sharing!

  • Utiv Phipps

    I absolutely love your show. Its such a treat and I am so looking forward to using your suggestions this summer. Thank you

  • Melanie Mulhall

    I've just discovered you! What a helpful video. I'm a longtime gardener, but I haven't known much about most of these styles. Thank you. (And yes, I subscribed.)

  • Ann-Marie King

    Alexandra, congrats on 50K subs! I saved this video to enjoy when I had time … such a treat this morning. My garden style is quite eclectic: Tropical (Barbados), cottage (love flowers) flowing to English country (huge lawn). Thanks also for tips on furniture to match each style. Great video!

  • La La Ha Ha

    Wow!!! That was useful information and I learned that I'm just winging it… My gardening style is "eclectic", just like my interior decorating style. Thank you!!!

  • Busara Firestone

    I am a garden designer in Northern California and I found this video very insightful and helpful. I am going to rewatch it and take notes!

  • Patricia Smith

    Great video. I like all of the garden styles…right now, am leaning to totally turning my backyard into a wildlife garden…my yard abuts our woods, so there’s lots of wildlife to consider…I may just decide to dedicate a part of the yard to many different styles….who knows?

  • Twisty Pinky

    I have a, what looks like a dry river bed going through my property. I plant all my plants around it & making it look like the water will come back any minute. The flowers I plant next to it, is flowers you'd see next to a very controlled river bed. Is this certain type of style, or not?

  • Johan Basson

    Thanks for the beautifully put together and very informative video. I suppose a temperate forest garden would be a bit different from a jungle garden

  • Tienie Stoffberg

    It's about time I watched this video. My small garden started off as a formal garden but I added some fun items. Loved your reference to natural gardens as we try to be 100 percent organic.
    NO insecticide or weed killer of any kind except for what I refer to as my garlic concoctions.
    I wish I could show you a video of my wifes face whenever we see a frog in our garden. (Which is often)
    I'll have to watch the video again in order to try and determine my garden style.
    In the meantime I'll refer to it as a Formal Cross Breed.
    Regards from South Arfica.

  • Maria Mariño Dulcey

    Loved your video and such an extensive information. I live in Spain but love English style gardens. Unfortunately in our place the seasons are too extreme. Very cold in winter and very hot in summer. Which type of garden would you recommend me? Many thanks. María.

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