108 NFT hydroponic system, summer lettuce harvest, prepping for survival. tips and growing guide. Follow the journey from seed to harvest, with failures and ph issues to resolve.

108 system

108 NFT hydroponic system, summer lettuce harvest, preppers survival

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  • Mark Denison

    Good to see as your clearly in the UK like myself. Just built a nft against a wall and waiting for my butterheads and chard to be big enough to plant out. Was interesting that it was around 70 days to harvest as I thought you could get hydro to produce in around 30 days. May need to reset my expectations with the cooler UK weather.

  • SuperDukka

    The system looks crowded and vegetable growth rate not optimal. Maybe it has got to do with access to light and nutrients. The recommended 10 litre tank is definitely not sufficient to feed 108 plants unless there is frequent change of nutrients.

    I saw experiment from the Kratky method where each lettuce sucks up between 2 to 5 litres of nutrient solution. Cheers.

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